Scholastic Exams

About Scholastic Exams:

Scholastic Exams

Schools are prominently considered as a place to grow academically.  Apart from academics, students develop versatile skills right from a very young age. Students who are academically sound can choose to display their skills during school at various other competitive exams. Preparing for competitive exams right from such a young age can also help them find their hidden talent in the field appropriate for them. This in turn can help them gain a positive spirit, self-motivation to work towards their desired goal and also an ambition that would turn to reality. These exams in turn will help you gain insights to the world of competitive exams even before landing in the real world.

The major objective of such exams is to help the students to improve their logical, reasoning and analytical skills and thereby improve their intellect. To get successful in these exams one would require a thorough grasp on the core of the subject and provide a logical and strategic solution to the problems.


Students from class II to class X studying from the government recognised schools are eligible for the exams.

List of scholastic competitive exams during the schooling:

  1. National Talent search exam
  2. Indian National Olympiad
  3. GeoGenius
  4. Silverzone Olympiads
  5. Asset (Assessment of Scholastic Skills Through Educational Testing)
  6. Dr. Homi Bhabha Bal Vaidnyanik Spardha
  7. Unified Cyber Olympiad
  8. Maths Talent Search Exam
  9. International Olympiad in Mathematics
  10. International Olympiad of English language
  11. National Level Science Talent Search Exam
  12. National Interactive Maths Olympiad
  13. International Assessment for Indian Schools (IAIS)
  14. National Cyber Olympiad
  15. Zonal Information Olympiads
  16. International Information Olympiads
  17. State Level Science Talent Search Exam


Future scope:

The students who qualify these exams are eligible for further scholarships and academic aid for the entire career. They can get monthly academic aid for the same. These exams help you inculcate the competitiveness in the students. These exams help to find the proper direction for your career.

Entrance Exam - Scholastic Exams
Exam Name Grade Level Exam Date
UCO School 5th December 2022
NTSE School
UIEO School
NSTSE School 2nd December 2022
NCO School
KVPY School
NSO School 18th October 2022
MOM School
NMTC School
INMO School 30th November 2022
ABHO School
INO School
EHF School
NEST Scholarship School 28th July 2023
AISSEE School 8th January 2023
JNVST School
Entrance Exam - Scholastic Exams
Exam Name Grade Level Exam Date
Entrance Exam - Scholastic Exams
Exam Name Grade Level Exam Date
iiO School 30th November 0000
iOM School
iOS School 17th November 2022
iOEL School
IGKO School
ICSO School
IAIS School
AMC School
iTHO School
TERI School
IPhO School
RMO School
Entrance Exam - Scholastic Exams
Exam Name Grade Level Exam Date
ICC School