International Assessment for Indian Schools

International Assessment for Indian Schools

Mode of ExamOffline
Level of ExamInternational level

IAISScience 2022IAIS Mathematics, and IAIS English are conducted for classes II to XII whereas, IAIS Digital Technologies is conducted for classes III to X.

IAIS provides an extensive independent evaluation of students’ skills, knowledge, and understanding in these core learning areas.

Along with IAIS Science 2022, Macmillan conducts three more exams in collaboration for ICAS. They are:

  • Mathematics
  • English 
  • Digital Technologies

IAIS Science Olympiad 2022

Questions in IAIS Science 2022 exam do not directly tackle science but require students to assume some data according to their age and depending on their curriculum.

  • Students are tested in problem-solving areas, from collecting data from phenomena, interpreting them, and applying this data to problem-solving and investigating these methods to develop new ideas and solve them.
  • They are also tested on their higher-order thinking by asking qualitative and quantitative reasoning based on IAIS Science 2022 syllabus.

The table below shows the important dates for IAIS Science exam.

IAIS Science Important Dates


Important Dates

Registration deadline

15th August 2022

IAIS Science exam

  • 23rd August 2022
  • 27th August 2022


Septemeber 2022

IAIS Science 2022 Application Form

IAIS Science 2022 registration process will be done by the respective schools. Schools have to contact Macmillan (the organization which conducts IAIS in collaboration with Educational Assessments Australia) for registration of the school as an exam center and for student registration.

The school has to then send the details for registration along with the fees to Macmillan.

IAIS Science Sample Papers

IAIS Science Sample Test Papers aids students in understanding the nuances on the examination. It helps students to understand the instructions to follow during the exam as well as to test their levels of preparation.

The IAIS Science Sample Papers help students adjust their solving speed, understand the difficulty level of questions, and understand the areas they have to strengthen their concepts.

IAIS Science 2022 Results

Results of IAIS Science 2022 will be declared in the month of February next year, i.e. 2022.

IAIS gives results in the form of a diagnostic report. Macmillan provides two types of reports:

  • A school report: comparing it with averages of other schools in the region as well as by comparing each student’s performance with the school average.
  • A student report: explaining how he/she has performed in each skill area and in comparison with the school average.
  • ICAS/IAIS Science 2022 results can be downloaded online from the Macmillan official website.

IAIS Science 2022 Admit Card

Admit card is an important document when attending exams like IAIS Science 2022 examination. IAIS Science 2022 admit card consists of a number of details such as roll number, name, school name, etc. Students are requested to carry the hard copy of the hall ticket to the examination center.

IAIS Science 2022 admit card along with other subjects are sent to the respective schools by Macmillan after the school completes the registration process.

IAIS Science 2022 Exam Fees

IAIS Science will be conducted in the month of September 2022 (tentatively).

The IAIS exam fee differs from subject to subject. The exam fee for IAIS Science 2022 and other subjects are:

Exam Fee for IAIS Science 2022



1 Subject


2 Subject


3 Subject


4 Subject


IAIS Science 2022 Syllabus

IAIS Science 2022 Syllabus helps students familiarize themselves with the topics on which the organization conducts the exam. IAIS Science 2022 syllabus helps them prepare effectively in the time they have leading to better results.


IAIS Science 2022 syllabus covers questions from a wide variety of topics. These topics can be broadly categorized into:


Earth and beyond which relates to earth sciences, astronomical phenomena, and bodies


Energy and change relating to the basics of physics


Life and living with questions related to biology and ecology


Natural and processed materials with questions related to chemistry


ICAS/IAIS 2022 Science Exam Format

Given below is the examination format for IAIS 2022.


The assessment comprises a variety of multiple-choice and free-response queries.


For the multiple-choice queries, students need to select the proper answer from the four attainable choices.


Students need to write the answers within the boxes provided for the free-response queries.


Each question carries 1 mark for every correct answer.


The total score will be dependent on the number of correct answers.


No negative marks will be awarded for the incorrect answer.


The level of questions in the IAIS Science 2022 question paper increases from easiest to most difficult.


The items towards the top of the paper are designed to supply a chance for the foremost ready students to demonstrate a high level of talent/skill.


The queries are rigorously hierarchical to cater to a good vary of student talents victimization contexts that stimulate students' interest and interact with their attention. Students in the least levels of competence stand to learn from participation within the diagnostic assessments.


The questions in the last are designed so as to test the higher-order thinking skills of the students and are given more weight. This helps the examiners when developing their assessment reports.


The questions are also divided by the skills assessed and is reflected in the student performance report. 



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