Mode of ExamOffline
Level of ExamNational Level

About UCO 2022

UCO 2021- Unified Council conducts the Unified Cyber Olympiad (UCO) for Class 2 to 10 students. Unified Cyber Olympiad is conducted at two levels. Unified Cyber Olympiad (UCO) tests a student's mental ability, logical reasoning & computer knowledge. By this, students can resolve problems related to software, management crises, lack of judgment, and decision-making. 

UCO 2021 is held across the country with the objective of streamlining computer education, instilling competitiveness in computer education, including logic, reasoning, and mental ability in the learning process, identifying talent and assessing students on a nationwide platform, and exposing students to the latest technology and study in computers.

  • UCO 2022 exam will be held on December 5, 2021. 
  • UCO registration 2022 is done through the schools only. Eligible candidates need to fill the UCO 2022 application form through their schools. 
  • 500 shortlisted students from every class will sit for the Level 2 exam which is conducted at the nearest selected State Head Quarters/Main Town. 
  • UCO Result 2022 is expected to be out in January 2023

UCO 2022 Highlights

Full Exam Name Unified Cyber Olympiad
Short Exam Name UCO
Conducting Body Unified Council
Frequency of Conduct Once a year
Exam Level Matriculate
Languages English
Mode of Application Offline
Application Fee (General) 150 Rs [Offline]
Mode of Exam Offline
Exam Duration 1 Hour



UCO 2022 Eligibility Criteria

Any student of classes 2 to 12 studying in a school recognized by Unified Council, can apply for the UCO exam 2022.

UCO 2022 Syllabus

Class-2-Mental ability-

Class-2-Mental ability: Unit 01


Class-2-Mental ability: Unit 02

Concept of 0

Class-2-Mental ability: Unit 03

Order of numbers

Class-2-Mental ability: Unit 04


Class-2-Mental ability: Unit 05


Class-2-Mental ability: Unit 06

Understanding of multiplication and division

Class-2-Mental ability: Unit 07


Class-2-Mental ability: Unit 08


Class-2-Mental ability: Unit 09



Class-2-Reasoning: Unit 01

Odd one out

Class-2-Reasoning: Unit 02

Embedded figures

Class-2-Reasoning: Unit 03


Class-2-Reasoning: Unit 04

Similar shapes

Class-2-Reasoning: Unit 05


Class-2-Reasoning: Unit 06

Mathematical reasoning

Class-2-Reasoning: Unit 07

Analytical reasoning


Class-2-Computers: Unit 01

Introduction to computers

Class-2-Computers: Unit 02

General Information about computers

Class-2-Computers: Unit 03

Uses of computers

Class-2-Computers: Unit 04

Parts of a computer

Class-2-Computers: Unit 05

Mouse and keyboard

Class-2-Computers: Unit 06


Class-2-General English-

Class-2-General English: Unit 01


Class-2-General English: Unit 02

Grammar and correct usage

Class-3-Mental ability-

Class-3-Mental ability: Unit 01

Numbers upto 10000

Class-3-Mental ability: Unit 02

Place value

Class-3-Mental ability: Unit 03

Round off numbers

Class-3-Mental ability: Unit 04

Expanded notation

Class-3-Mental ability: Unit 05

Sum or difference of two numbers between 0 and 10000

Class-3-Mental ability: Unit 06

Inverse relationship of multiplication and division

Class-3-Mental ability: Unit 07

Solve simple problems involving multiplication and division

Class-3-Mental ability: Unit 08

Special properties of 0 and 1 in multiplication and division

Class-3-Mental ability: Unit 09

Identifying fractions

Class-3-Mental ability: Unit 10

Simple unit conversions

Class-3-Mental ability: Unit 11

Simple problems

Class-3-Mental ability: Unit 12

Involving a functional relationship between two quantities

Class-3-Mental ability: Unit 13

Estimate and measure the length

Class-3-Mental ability: Unit 14

Liquid volume and weight/ mass of given objects

Class-3-Mental ability: Unit 15

Solid shapes

Class-3-Mental ability: Unit 16

Open and closed figures

Class-3-Mental ability: Unit 17


Class-3-Mental ability: Unit 18



Class-3-Reasoning: Unit 01


Class-3-Reasoning: Unit 02

Series completion

Class-3-Reasoning: Unit 03

Simple coding

Class-3-Reasoning: Unit 04

Alphabet test

Class-3-Reasoning: Unit 05

Adding figures

Class-3-Reasoning: Unit 06

Grouping of identical figures

Class-3-Reasoning: Unit 07

Odd one out

Class-3-Reasoning: Unit 08

Incomplete pattern

Class-3-Reasoning: Unit 09

Inserting missing numbers

Class-3-Reasoning: Unit 10

Analytical reasoning


Class-3-Computers: Unit 01

Introduction to computers

Class-3-Computers: Unit 02


Class-3-Computers: Unit 03

Operating systems

Class-3-Computers: Unit 04

Parts of computer

Class-3-Computers: Unit 05

Uses of computer

Class-3-Computers: Unit 06

Input and output devices

Class-3-Computers: Unit 07

Introduction to internet

Class-3-Computers: Unit 08


Class-3-Computers: Unit 09

Introduction to Ms-word

Class-3-General English-

Class-3-General English: Unit 01


Class-3-General English: Unit 02

Grammar and correct usage

Class-4-Mental ability-

Class-4-Mental ability: Unit 01

Numbers (Indian and international)

Class-4-Mental ability: Unit 02

Place value

Class-4-Mental ability: Unit 03

Round off numbers

Class-4-Mental ability: Unit 04

Compare whole numbers and decimals to two decimal places

Class-4-Mental ability: Unit 05

Different interpretations of fractions

Class-4-Mental ability: Unit 06

Write tenths and hundredths in decimal and fraction notations

Class-4-Mental ability: Unit 07

Applications on addition

Class-4-Mental ability: Unit 08


Class-4-Mental ability: Unit 09

Multiplication and division

Class-4-Mental ability: Unit 10

Concept of factors and multiples

Class-4-Mental ability: Unit 11


Class-4-Mental ability: Unit 12


Class-4-Mental ability: Unit 13


Class-4-Mental ability: Unit 14

Data handling


Class-4-Reasoning: Unit 01


Class-4-Reasoning: Unit 02

Series completion

Class-4-Reasoning: Unit 03

Simple coding

Class-4-Reasoning: Unit 04

Alphabet test

Class-4-Reasoning: Unit 05

Subtracting figures

Class-4-Reasoning: Unit 06

Grouping of identical figures

Class-4-Reasoning: Unit 07

Odd one out

Class-4-Reasoning: Unit 08

Incomplete pattern

Class-4-Reasoning: Unit 09

Inserting missing numbers

Class-4-Reasoning: Unit 10

Analytical reasoning


Class-4-Computers: Unit 01

Introduction to computers

Class-4-Computers: Unit 02

More about windows

Class-4-Computers: Unit 03

Characteristics and evolution of computers

Class-4-Computers: Unit 04

Parts of computer

Class-4-Computers: Unit 05

Input and output devices

Class-4-Computers: Unit 06


Class-4-Computers: Unit 07


Class-4-Computers: Unit 08


Class-4-Computers: Unit 09

Introduction to logo

Class-4-Computers: Unit 10

Logo commands

Class-4-Computers: Unit 11

Writing and arithmetic with logo

Class-4-Computers: Unit 12

Introduction to Microsoft Word

Class-4-Computers: Unit 13

Introduction to internet and its uses

Class-4-Computers: Unit 14

Computer networks

Class-4-Computers: Unit 15


Class-4-General English-

Class-4-General English: Unit 01


Class-4-General English: Unit 02

Grammar and correct usage

Class-5-Mental ability-

Class-5-Mental ability: Unit 01

Estimate and manipulate very large (e.g. millions) and very small (e.g. thousandths) numbers

Class-5-Mental ability: Unit 02

Finding HCF and LCM

Class-5-Mental ability: Unit 03

Identify and represent on a number line

Class-5-Mental ability: Unit 04


Class-5-Mental ability: Unit 05


Class-5-Mental ability: Unit 06

Multiply and divide with decimals

Class-5-Mental ability: Unit 07

Solve simple problems including ones arising in concrete situations

Class-5-Mental ability: Unit 08

Involving the addition and subtraction of fractions and mixed numbers

Class-5-Mental ability: Unit 09


Class-5-Mental ability: Unit 10


Class-5-Mental ability: Unit 11



Class-5-Reasoning: Unit 01


Class-5-Reasoning: Unit 02

Series completion

Class-5-Reasoning: Unit 03

Simple coding

Class-5-Reasoning: Unit 04

Alphabet test

Class-5-Reasoning: Unit 05

Mirror images

Class-5-Reasoning: Unit 06

Folded in

Class-5-Reasoning: Unit 07

Grouping of identical figures

Class-5-Reasoning: Unit 08

Odd one out

Class-5-Reasoning: Unit 09

Embedded figures

Class-5-Reasoning: Unit 10

Mathematical reasoning

Class-5-Reasoning: Unit 11

Analytical reasoning

Class-5-Reasoning: Unit 12

Jumbled words

Class-5-Reasoning: Unit 13

Forming new words


Class-5-Computers: Unit 01

Introduction to computers

Class-5-Computers: Unit 02

Data storage devices

Class-5-Computers: Unit 03

More about windows

Class-5-Computers: Unit 04

More logo commands

Class-5-Computers: Unit 05

More commands in logo

Class-5-Computers: Unit 06

Editing text in MS-Word

Class-5-Computers: Unit 07

Formatting in MS-Word

Class-5-Computers: Unit 08

Introduction to MS-PowerPoint

Class-5-Computers: Unit 09

Working with text in MS-PowerPoint

Class-5-Computers: Unit 10


Class-5-Computers: Unit 11

Input and output devices

Class-5-Computers: Unit 12


Class-5-Computers: Unit 13


Class-5-Computers: Unit 14

Memory-primary and secondary memory

Class-5-Computers: Unit 15


Class-5-Computers: Unit 16


Class-5-Computers: Unit 17

Computer networks

Class-5-General English-

Class-5-General English: Unit 01


Class-5-General English: Unit 02

Grammar and correct usage

Class-6-Mental ability-

Class-6-Mental ability: Unit 01


Class-6-Mental ability: Unit 02

Comparison of fractions

Class-6-Mental ability: Unit 03

Decimals and mixed numbers and place them on a number line

Class-6-Mental ability: Unit 04

Interpret and use ratios in different contexts

Class-6-Mental ability: Unit 05

Application of proportions

Class-6-Mental ability: Unit 06

Solve problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

Class-6-Mental ability: Unit 07

Determine the LCM and HCF of whole numbers

Class-6-Mental ability: Unit 08

Use them to solve problems with fractions

Class-6-Mental ability: Unit 09

Write and evaluate an algebraic expression for a given situation

Class-6-Mental ability: Unit 10

Understanding elementary shapes

Class-6-Mental ability: Unit 11


Class-6-Mental ability: Unit 12

Perimeter and area

Class-6-Mental ability: Unit 13

Volume of cube and cuboid

Class-6-Mental ability: Unit 14


Class-6-Mental ability: Unit 15


Class-6-Mental ability: Unit 16


Class-6-Mental ability: Unit 17

Collecting and representing data


Class-6-Reasoning: Unit 01


Class-6-Reasoning: Unit 02

Series completion

Class-6-Reasoning: Unit 03

Simple coding

Class-6-Reasoning: Unit 04

Alphabet test

Class-6-Reasoning: Unit 05

Mirror images

Class-6-Reasoning: Unit 06

Formation of figures

Class-6-Reasoning: Unit 07

Opened out

Class-6-Reasoning: Unit 08

Grouping of identical figures

Class-6-Reasoning: Unit 09

Odd one out

Class-6-Reasoning: Unit 10

Mathematical reasoning

Class-6-Reasoning: Unit 11

Analytical reasoning

Class-6-Reasoning: Unit 12

Jumbled words

Class-6-Reasoning: Unit 13

Forming new words


Class-6-Computers: Unit 01

Introduction to computers

Class-6-Computers: Unit 02

Computer generations

Class-6-Computers: Unit 03

Computer peripherals

Class-6-Computers: Unit 04

Features, creating table working with objects in MS-Word, advanced features

Class-6-Computers: Unit 05

MS-PowerPoint presentations
Introduction, creating a presentation, backgrounds and slide organization, adding graphics and organization charts, enlivening a presentation

Class-6-Computers: Unit 06

Microsoft Excel

Class-6-Computers: Unit 07

Internet and e-mail

Class-6-Computers: Unit 08


Class-6-Computers: Unit 09


Class-6-Computers: Unit 10

Introduction to Qbasic

Class-6-Computers: Unit 11


Class-6-Computers: Unit 12


Class-6-Computers: Unit 13

Input and output devices

Class-6-Computers: Unit 14

Memory and storage devices

Class-6-General English-

Class-6-General English: Unit 01


Class-6-General English: Unit 02

Grammar and correct usage

Class-7-Mental ability-

Class-7-Mental ability: Unit 01

Rational numbers

Class-7-Mental ability: Unit 02

Convert fractions to decimals and percents and use these representations in estimations, computations, and applications

Class-7-Mental ability: Unit 03

Calculate the percentage of increases and decreases of a quantity

Class-7-Mental ability: Unit 04


Class-7-Mental ability: Unit 05

Profit and loss

Class-7-Mental ability: Unit 06

Compute simple interest

Class-7-Mental ability: Unit 07

Express quantitative relationships by using algebraic terminology

Class-7-Mental ability: Unit 08


Class-7-Mental ability: Unit 09

Simple equations

Class-7-Mental ability: Unit 10

Ratio and proportion

Class-7-Mental ability: Unit 11

Lines and Angles

Class-7-Mental ability: Unit 12

Perimeter and area

Class-7-Mental ability: Unit 13


Class-7-Mental ability: Unit 14

Practical geometry


Class-7-Reasoning: Unit 01


Class-7-Reasoning: Unit 02

Series completion

Class-7-Reasoning: Unit 03

Coding and decoding

Class-7-Reasoning: Unit 04

Alphabet test

Class-7-Reasoning: Unit 05

Mirror images

Class-7-Reasoning: Unit 06

Formation of figures

Class-7-Reasoning: Unit 07

Paper cutting

Class-7-Reasoning: Unit 08

Grouping of identical figures

Class-7-Reasoning: Unit 09

Odd one out

Class-7-Reasoning: Unit 10

Analytical reasoning

Class-7-Reasoning: Unit 11

Direction sense test

Class-7-Reasoning: Unit 12

Mathematical reasoning

Class-7-Reasoning: Unit 13

Jumbled words

Class-7-Reasoning: Unit 14

Forming new words


Class-7-Computers: Unit 01

Introduction to computers

Class-7-Computers: Unit 02

Evolution of computers

Class-7-Computers: Unit 03

Microsoft Excel editing cell contents in MS-Excel

Class-7-Computers: Unit 04

Formatting data in MS-Excel

Class-7-Computers: Unit 05

Formulae in MS-Excel

Class-7-Computers: Unit 06

Advanced features of MS-Excel

Class-7-Computers: Unit 07

Creating charts

Class-7-Computers: Unit 08


Class-7-Computers: Unit 09

Macromedia flash

Class-7-Computers: Unit 10

Drawing in flash

Class-7-Computers: Unit 11


Class-7-Computers: Unit 12

QBasic statements

Class-7-Computers: Unit 13

Memory and storage devices

Class-7-Computers: Unit 14

Using Windows

Class-7-Computers: Unit 15


Class-7-Computers: Unit 16


Class-7-Computers: Unit 17


Class-7-General English-

Class-7-General English: Unit 01


Class-7-General English: Unit 02

Grammar and correct usage

Class-8-Mental ability-

Class-8-Mental ability: Unit 01

Identify and use the properties of integers

Class-8-Mental ability: Unit 02


Class-8-Mental ability: Unit 03

Irrational and real numbers

Class-8-Mental ability: Unit 04

Concept of polynomials

Class-8-Mental ability: Unit 05

Add, subtract, multiply, and divide monomials and polynomials

Class-8-Mental ability: Unit 06

Basic factoring techniques to second degree polynomials

Class-8-Mental ability: Unit 07

Solve problems that involve discounts

Class-8-Mental ability: Unit 08


Class-8-Mental ability: Unit 09

Profit and loss

Class-8-Mental ability: Unit 10

Compute simple and compound interest

Class-8-Mental ability: Unit 11

Exponents and powers

Class-8-Mental ability: Unit 12

Squares and square roots

Class-8-Mental ability: Unit 13

Cubes and cube roots

Class-8-Mental ability: Unit 14

Algebraic identities

Class-8-Mental ability: Unit 15

Linear equations in one variable

Class-8-Mental ability: Unit 16

Data handling

Class-8-Mental ability: Unit 17

Understanding quadrilaterals

Class-8-Mental ability: Unit 18


Class-8-Mental ability: Unit 19

Visualising solid shapes

Class-8-Mental ability: Unit 20

Perimeter and area


Class-8-Reasoning: Unit 01


Class-8-Reasoning: Unit 02

Series completion

Class-8-Reasoning: Unit 03

Coding and decoding

Class-8-Reasoning: Unit 04

Alphabet test

Class-8-Reasoning: Unit 05

Mirror images

Class-8-Reasoning: Unit 06

Paper folding

Class-8-Reasoning: Unit 07

Grouping of identical figures

Class-8-Reasoning: Unit 08

Odd one out

Class-8-Reasoning: Unit 09

Analytical reasoning

Class-8-Reasoning: Unit 10

Direction sense test

Class-8-Reasoning: Unit 11

Mathematical reasoning

Class-8-Reasoning: Unit 12

Cubes and dice

Class-8-Reasoning: Unit 13

Locating hidden words

Class-8-Reasoning: Unit 14

Jumbled letters

Class-8-Reasoning: Unit 15

Formation of new words


Class-8-Computers: Unit 01

Review of computer basics

Class-8-Computers: Unit 02

Computer viruses-types, prevention, antivirus, updating virus definitions

Class-8-Computers: Unit 03

QBasic-looping statements

Class-8-Computers: Unit 04

Graphics and sound

Class-8-Computers: Unit 05

Internet-searching information

Class-8-Computers: Unit 06

Communication on the internet

Class-8-Computers: Unit 07


Class-8-Computers: Unit 08

Understanding timeline

Class-8-Computers: Unit 09

Frames and key frames

Class-8-Computers: Unit 10

Layers and animation

Class-8-Computers: Unit 11

HTML basics-introduction to HTML

Class-8-Computers: Unit 12

HTML elements-tags and attributes

Class-8-Computers: Unit 13

Structure of an HTML document

Class-8-Computers: Unit 14

Creating an HTML document

Class-8-Computers: Unit 15

Line break

Class-8-Computers: Unit 16



Class-8-Computers: Unit 17

Horizontal rule


Class-8-Computers: Unit 18

Comment element

Class-8-Computers: Unit 19

HTML text-text elements

Class-8-Computers: Unit 20

Address tag

Class-8-Computers: Unit 21

Pre tag

Class-8-Computers: Unit 22

Center tag

Class-8-Computers: Unit 23

Heading tag

Class-8-Computers: Unit 24

Font tag

Class-8-Computers: Unit 25

Base font tag structure

Class-8-Computers: Unit 26


Class-8-Computers: Unit 27

Tables and linking

Class-8-Computers: Unit 28

MS-Access-database and fields

Class-8-Computers: Unit 29

Modifying table designs

Class-8-Computers: Unit 30

Fundamentals of computers

Class-8-Computers: Unit 31


Class-8-Computers: Unit 32


Class-8-Computers: Unit 33

Memory and storage devices

Class-8-Computers: Unit 34

Basics of cyber crimes

Class-8-Computers: Unit 35

Cyber laws

Class-8-Computers: Unit 36

Operating systems

Class-8-General English-

Class-8-General English: Unit 01


Class-8-General English: Unit 02

Grammar and correct usage

Class-9-Mental ability-

Class-9-Mental ability: Unit 01

Rational and irrational numbers

Class-9-Mental ability: Unit 02

Divisibility rules

Class-9-Mental ability: Unit 03

Factors and multiples

Class-9-Mental ability: Unit 04

Direct and inverse proportions

Class-9-Mental ability: Unit 05

Concept of polynomials

Class-9-Mental ability: Unit 06

Add, subtract, multiply, and divide monomials and polynomials


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5th December 2022

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