About Science:

Science refers to a system of acquiring knowledge based on scientific method. It is also an organized body of knowledge which has been gained through research.Science is independent of religious, political, cultural, or philosophical outlook. Its objective is to discover and increase human understanding of how things work.

 Science is such a discipline which is prominent in all spheres of life and there is no work or industry which does not use science principles. Science has become and integral part of human life as it fulfills our day to day requirements. Its subject area is vast and unlimited, be it medicine, food, education, building, language etc.

Lot of career options are available for 12th passed science students. The best part of science stream is that students can switch to other careers i.e arts, humanities or even to commerce.

To build a great career, you must need at least graduation degree. After earning bachelor’s degree you can find employment in any sector.

Candidates also have the option to pursue higher education to expand their area of job. In India, there are many colleges/Universities running higher degree courses in Science field.

Career opportunities for science students (PCM stream) is also exists in defence. After passing the 12th, one can apply directly for Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy through National Defence Academy (NDA). NDA entrance exam is conducted twice in a year in the month of April and September respectively.

Course Name Duration
Fellowship 2 Years
Course Name Duration
INSPIRE Programme