Liberal Arts

Stream Science
Course Type Degree
Duration 3 Years

The purpose of an education is to equip you with the skills needed to live your life to the optimum, within the surroundings that you find yourself in. To be able to do this, one needs to have a certain vitality about oneself in addition to being multi-dimensional. A liberal arts education, in it's open flow of subjects and courses through the arts, sciences and business, offers a willing individual precisely these two qualities. What distinguishes a liberal arts program from other 'traditional' courses is that every student would have to study subjects from across the academic spectrum. One could major in Biology and pick Philosophy as a minor. Alternatively, one could major in Mathematics or Business Studies while simultaneously working on a History minor. 
Liberal arts is gaining currency as a preferred format of study the world over, especially in societies and countries that have come to realise that merely being placed in a job is not the sole aim of a well-rounded education. Sure, job opportunities are important and necessary, but they aren't the be all and end all. A liberal arts degree program offers students everything that a traditional BA or BSc does, and more. The liberal arts approach is attractive precisely because it equips one with all the technical and academic knowledge to excel in one's chosen field of study, while simultaneously enriching one's knowledge base with other skills and knowledge sets that no doubt supplement a core domain.


  • Students graduating 12th from India need to appear for the Symbiosis Entrance Test (SET)
  • Students graduating from IB schools are exempt from appearing for the SET
  • Students should have passed with 50% marks in the 12th Std/Grade