Msc Environmentl

Master of science in Environmental Management

Stream Science
Course Type M.Phil
Duration 2 Years

Environmental Management

  • Environmental Management is the planning and implementation of actions geared to improve the quality of the human environment. 
  • A masters degree in environmental management is an interdisciplinary program that seeks to shape out students into top notch environmental managers who have the capability of creating a harmonious equilibrium between the economic and social needs of man as well as the needs of the environment. 
  • The current times focus on sustainable resource use, the program is quite lucrative in the competitive job market.
  • The masters degree program in environmental management involves a combination of theory course work as well as a bit of practical work in which the students are taught important environmental management concepts such as climate change, biodiversity, renewable energy use, sustainable energy management, environmental auditing and environmental impact assessment.
  • The program mainly attracts individuals with an interest in social and natural sciences as well as those who are passionate about the environment they live in and ways to better it.
  • Graduates from the program are quite a sought after lot with governments, local authorities, private agencies as well as environmental consultancies seeking to employ them.
  • A master in environmental management is equipped with the skills of dealing with the changing environmental needs as well as the continuous challenges facing the environment. 



  • B.Sc. Environmental science or a bachelor's degree in any discipline of science namely zoology, botany, physics, chemistry, biology, agriculture science etc.
  • Work experience is preferred by some institutes for the MSc course and some institutes conduct entrance examinations.