B.Tech in Information and Communication Technology

Stream Engineering
Course Type Degree
Duration 4 Years

The Degrees of Bachelor of Technology in Information and Communication Technology - B.Tech (ICT) and Bachelor of Technology (Honours in ICT with minor in Computational Science) - B.Tech (Honours in ICT with minor in CS).
The ICT embodies the convergence of Computer and Communication systems and has obtained wide acceptance as a distinct discipline. It is also expected that ICT graduates would enjoy a special niche only if they have certain performance capabilities not found in conventional CSE and/or ECE graduates. Logically this convergence takes place at the systems level, but at the same time it is necessary to accept a certain level of granularity as one goes down to the level of circuits, devices and materials. In other words, given the four- year span of a B.Tech Program, there has to be a trade-off between the breadth demanded by comprehension at the systems level and the depth desired by scientific understanding of the fundamentals.

The B.Tech (ICT) and B.Tech (Honours in ICT) programs are designed to operate on a semester-based credit system. Each course is associated with a fixed number of credits. Credits (C) are assigned on an L-T-P-C system i.e number of hours required for Lectures (L), Tutorials (T) and Practicals (P) in a week. For both the degrees, the students are required to complete the prescribed curriculum in minimum of four years.


The course structure of the curriculum could broadly be classified into 3 categories. The first category, referred to as Core (Foundation), is a set of compulsory courses required to be taken by every student in the program. The next one is formed by a set of courses, referred to as the Group Electives, which forms the technical core of the programs. Every student in the program is required to take a minimum of 2 courses from this category. Finally, there is a set of courses consisting of technical electives, open electives, and science electives.

A unique feature of the programs is the mandatory rural internship, which is expected to give the student a feel of his/her social milieu and is typically carried out with a NGO. After the completion of foundation courses, the student is required to take a 6-week industrial/research internship. The student has a choice of taking an industrial internship or a research internship depending on his/her career goals. Finally, the student is required to take B.Tech Project, during which he/she is required to demonstrate his/her ability to learn current areas of research and/or industrial interest, his/her ability to utilize the topics he/ she has learnt during his/her stint in the program and his/her creative and design abilities. 



In 10+2, it is compulsory for students to have  Mathematics and Physics and one of the below given subjects:




(d)Computer science

Entrance Exam - B.Tech in Information and Communication Technology
Exam Name Grade Level Exam Date
BITSAT UG 16th May 2019
JEE Advanced UG 17th May 2020
JEE Main UG 3rd April 2020
SRMJEEE UG 6th April 2018
KEAM UG 20th April 2020
WBJEE UG 22nd April 2018
MHT-CET UG 13th April 2020

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