Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing

Stream Management
Course Type Degree
Duration 1 Years

Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing

The modern revolution of technology has heralded the era of the digital. Internet is the defining factor of everybody’s life. India has become the second largest Internet User Base in the world at 402 million users. Smart-phone users have increased from 238 million to 340 million users, most, if not all of which, are connected to the Internet. These statistics have enabled advertising adapt to the media quite comprehensively through Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing Institutes is the need of the hour

Statistics show that there is a distinct lack of professionals who possess the necessary training to work with the digital market. Due to this, there is a very large gap between the demand for digital marketing professionals and the supply. Individuals who have certificates from digital marketing institutes are considered rare and, as such, are much sought after. These individuals are also able to claim a higher salary than those in regular marketing jobs. It is safe to say that people trained in digital marketing courses will have a much larger scope for jobs and high salaries than a traditional marketer.

Foundation is the key in getting placements.

Before tapping into the limitless potential of this medium, one needs to understand how best to use it effectively. Jumping in head first and getting a placement in the digital marketing field is an option, but this route relies on the experience one would gain from the role. All digital marketing training is acquired on the fly, and this could lead to a very fragmented understanding of the business. Jobs means deadlines and working under pressure is not a conducive way to learn and grow. In a field as dynamic as digital marketing, real world experience is priceless, but one needs to have a foundation on which they can continue to expand their knowledge.

The best way to create this foundation is by means of a digital marketing course. A digital marketing course will provide an all around understanding of digital marketing. Digital marketing training will touch on every aspect, helping you understand how the various divisions of digital marketing work together to create a successful marketing campaign. A digital marketing course will arm the marketer with the knowledge and skills required in the field beforehand, meaning students hit the ground running.