Mobile Repairing

Mobile Repairing

Stream Short Term Courses
Course Type Diploma
Duration and 3Months

Mobile phone repairing course helps to make a career in Mobile Phone repairing field. The training provides all the essential skills needed to service, repair and maintain all types of mobile.

Course Curriculum

Basic Electronics- Use of multimeter, symbols, atomic structure, Current (AC, DC), difference between AC current & direct current, type of electronic material like conductor insulator, semi-conductor, Resistor, types of resistor, function of resistor, Fault & testing. Capacitor, types of capacitor, function of capacitor, fault & testing, Inductor, types of inductor, function of inductor, fault & testing. Transformer types of transformer, function of transformer, fault & testing, Diode, biasing of diode, types of diode, circuits of diode, fault & testing, Transistor, types of transistor, biasing of transistor, function of transistor fault testing. Integrated circuit (IC), types of IC, testing of IC, fault & testing. Mobile Display Screen Display section theory in detail, related problems. Soldering iron, micro-iron working with micro-iron, jumper practice Mobile Battery-Introduction to battery, charging and discharging of battery-related problems. Display section theory in detail, software, Installation of software Installation of utilities software. Intro to Soldering iron, Practice of Soldering iron, Jumper practice, Intro to SMD reworks station, Service a mobile board. With SMDR remove or fix an I.C with SMD machine Mobile Battery charging and discharging in mobile. Intro to SMD reworks station. Service a mobile board, With SMD removing or fixing a IC with SMD machine Introduction to ultrasonic machine, Working with to ultrasonic machine. Cleaning and service with to ultrasonic machine. Introduction to power supply, use power supply source for mobile power supply Introduction booster machine, boost a battery with the help of booster machine Introduction to mobile flashing software, flash a mobile using flashing software.

Minimum qualification: 10th pass required for admission