Master of Mass Communication

Stream Mass Communications
Course Type Master
Duration 2 Years

Master of Arts in Mass Communication (MAMC) is a post-graduate course offered in the domain of mass media at university-level in India. The course focuses on ideas and outlets of mass communication such as media production, cultural issues, communication theories, regulations and media techniques.The basic eligibility for admission to MAMC program is a Bachelor or equivalent degree in any stream. The course is of 2 years duration. A post-graduate degree in Mass Communication opens up career avenues in many media-related fields. An MAMC degree holder can find job in areas such as editing, publishing, scriptwriting, direction, filmmaking etc.

MAMC is a post-graduate degree in Mass communication. However, its importance is not limited to its status in the hierarchical system of education. A post-graduate degree means, it is designed to give an in-depth knowledge of Mass Communication and related practices to the students.

At the time of independence, there was only one major media of mass communication, print journalism. However, the scenario changed within years and now there are multiple communication channels which aide in reaching out to the masses. An MA in Mass Communication help understands the various medium of mass communication and the various methods employed to reach the masses.

This course touches upon a wide variety of topics such as writing, advertising, editing, camera techniques, video editing, advertising, filmmaking etc.


Being a Post-graduate course, MA in Mass Communication is a 2-year course, which is further divided into 4 semesters. As part of the course, students also have to fulfil internship requirements which ideally takes place at the end of second semester.


IIMC, New Delhi.

SIMC, Pune.

Christ University, Bangalore.

Lady Shri Ram College for Women, New Delhi.



People who have pursued Masters in MassCom can make their careers in the field of Advertising Agencies, Books, and Novels, All India Radio, Photography Companies, Broadcasting Corporations, Central Information Service, Journals, Periodicals and Magazines, Legal Affairs Departments etc.


The basic eligibility for admission to MA in Mass Communication is a Bachelor degree in any stream of minimum 3 years duration. It is not compulsory to have a Bachelor degree in Journalism or Mass communication but it certainly gives an edge.

There is no restriction with respect to stream of education in graduation. However, certain universities do not accept application from students who belong to Engineering or Medical streams.

Most of the universities do not follow age restriction but there are some universities which do not allow any candidate above 30 years of age.

Work experience is not compulsory but universities do prefer students with prior work experience in the field of media and journalism.