Master of Design (Furniture Design)

Stream Design
Course Type Master
Duration 2 Years

Master of Design (Furniture Design)

The M. Des. (Furniture Design) program is a 2-year full-time, skill-based professional program which will prepare students as designers and innovators for the rapidly developing Indian furniture industry.

The M. Des. (Furniture Design) program is a pragmatic response to the growing needs of the furniture industry and of the retail market to-day. The exponential rate of growth across all metros is leading to a huge demand for quality affordable furniture in all sectors.  Currently, a large percentage of furniture supplied to the market comes from abroad and could as easily be designed and made in India. 

In the spirit of the new ‘Make in India’ initiative promoted by the government, our college* will prepare students to be a part of the emerging reality of India as a global, high-tech, high-skill industrial hub. The program aligns with the ‘Make in India’ initiative in its vision to:

Foster Innovation

Enhance skill development

Protect intellectual property

Build best-in-class manufacturing infrastructure

Addressing this reality, the program will equip students with the tools to be able to add value to all aspects of the furniture industry. "Adding value" is the key objective for the designer whereby the detailed understanding of materials and manufacturing processes enable better products to be made. In addition, the needs of the consumer, either private individuals, corporate or institutional customers, will be understood so that the most appropriate design solutions may be arrived at.

The program will address contemporary issues in design such as mass production, customization, future technologies, environmental concerns and sustainability.  

Minimum Qualifications & Eligibility Criteria   

Bachelor’s degree in Architecture recognized by the Council of Architecture, OR

Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design (four years or more), OR

Diploma and/or Degree in Interior Design or Interior Architecture or Design of minimum four years duration (12 + 4), provided that the program is considered equivalent to a degree program by the Equivalence Committee of CEPT University. OR

Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering or Civil Engineering