Master in Design (communication Design)

Stream Design
Course Type Master
Duration 2 Years


One of the keys to effective communication with your audience is design. Good communication design allows you to cut through the media clutter and talk persuasively with your readers and viewers. At ISDI, we help you explore communication design in all its aspects — colour theory, interactive design, photography, typography, graphic design, print design and a whole lot more.

The Master of Design provides students with advanced, comprehensive understanding of the changing contexts in which they are designing as they develop the professional skills required to respond to contemporary issues in their chosen design specialisation.

Student select from one of the specialisations below:

Communication Design

Design and Construct

Industrial Design

Interior Architecture

Sustainable Design

The program is a two-year full-time or part-time equivalent program comprising professional studies in the chosen design specialisation. In first year, students develop competence in core course streams and focused streams of study within their specialisation. Second year expands the intellectual and professional areas of the program and provides scope for research related to complex individual design projects.

The focus of the program is the Research Studio courses which allow students to undertake design studies via individual and interdisciplinary projects, internal consultancies and external projects. The Research Methods and Masters Research Project courses allow students to incorporate their practice-based projects and research. 


Eligibility criteria for admission to M.Des in various streams:
A minimum of 55% in the qualifying stream (or 50% for SC/ST) is required.

Communication Design:

Bachelor’s degree in Design/Engineering/Architecture/Interior Design: 10+2+4 years (minimum four year Bachelor’s course)
OR Professional Diploma in Design: 10+2+4 years (minimum four year diploma programme).
OR BFA (4 Year professional program with entry after 10+2)
OR GD Art (4 year program after 1 year foundation with minimum academic qualification of 10 th pass) by July 2016.