M.City & Tech

Master in City and Technology [MaCT]

Stream Architecture
Course Type Master
Duration 2 Years

The Master in City and Technology is a double accreditation professional Masters program oriented in training the new professionals that both City Government and Industry need in order to develop projects for the transformation of the cities using the potential of technologies of information.

Following up the urban research carried out by the IAAC and BSSA in the last years in fields like Internet of Things, Smart Buildings, Eco neighborhoods, Internet of Energy, Hydrogrid, Digital Fabrication or Smart Cities, the Master in Cities and Technology is addressing the question of the implementation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in different layers of the urban environment.

The program aims to develop new categories of projects, technologies and solutions that can be extended systematically to the cities of the world, thus helping them to become more efficient and more human.
Every Master Candidate will develop technological seminars, city studies, cultural analysis, and pilot projects in order to have a global comprehension of the development of Smart City Projects based in real real-life environments.


The Master program is oriented to engineers, architects, designers, economists and graduates in any discipline related with the transformation and management of cities and technologies of information.
The program will be developed with the collaboration of companies and industry, and will form new professionals interested in leading this new field of city economy that is emerging worldwide.

Entrance Exam - Master in City and Technology [MaCT]
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