Stream Hotel Management
Course Type Master
Duration 1 Years and 6Months

Masters degree in Hotel Management

Masters degree in Hotel Management is a modern course for those already practising in the hospitality industry or new professionals and students seeking to understand the industry and its operations. The course is offered in different parts of the world and attracts students from various academic backgrounds. A degree in Master of Hotel Management will shape the career lines for most managers. There are several disciplines covered in the coursework including tourism management and global tourism management among others. The program prepares students for top-level managerial positions in hotels, government agencies, international tourism hotels and other 

Travel and Tourism sector is expected to grow at four-fold the current status. With this tremendous growth will also come a huge shortfall in human resources especially at the management level. It has been estimated that there will be a requirement of at least a billion personnel worldwide in both the operational and management levels. There is a dearth of managerial positions with most of the managers being educationally unqualified. “Experience is the best teacher” is the motto here and the course “Masters in Hotel Management and Catering Technology” will attempt to change this paradigm shift.

It has been estimated that one out of four HMCT graduates tends to leave the hotel industry due to lack of growth. This leads to higher attrition levels and is a major base for this sector. To give a boost for the career advancement one needs higher levels of managerial skills and knowledge which would be met by giving a masters level program which has a curriculum aimed at developing the conceptual skills of the students.

The current trend suggests that we are living in a global world, where change is a constant parameter. To adapt to this trend and to live in an age of uncertainty and recession, the student needs to be aware of and work in a diverse work culture and circumstances. Knowledge is power is aptly applied here.

To meet and upgrade this knowledge and skills, an attempt has been made here to define a curriculum which will truly make global managers.

MHMCT program is a well-suited for all hotel management professionals who wish to upgrade their qualifications in order to gain a competitive advantage in their careers.

There has been a sharp increase in students of the 3 years Diploma and 4 years Degree in HMCT opting for a Post Graduate Diploma or a Masters Degree in Hospitality with approximately 30 to 40% students joining Post Graduate Courses within 1 to 2 years of graduation.

Since most of these Postgraduate Qualifications are being offered by universities abroad, along with an opportunity to work as an intern for a period ranging from 6 – 12 months, most students seek this option.

The foreign visa rules permit students to work only for a restricted period during/after obtaining education abroad. On returning to India they are often confronted by disappointment and frustrations as these foreign qualifications do not give them a career boost and candidates are offered jobs at entry level position.


 Subject to the compliance of the provisions of this direction and any other ordinances in force from time to time, an applicant for admission to the examination shall have passed.

(a) A 4 years degree course Examination in Hospitality Management /Hotel Management/ Hotel Management and Catering Technology of Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University or of any other statutory University equivalent there      to possessing minimum of 50% of marks.


(b) A 3 years degree course Examination in Hospitality Management/ Hotel Management/Hotel Management and Catering Technology of Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University or of any other statutory University equivalent there      to possessing minimum of 50% of marks and 2 years of recognised professional experience in *“Accredited Hotel Industry”.