Direction & Screenplay Writing

Stream Film & Entertainment
Course Type PG Diploma
Duration 3 Years


From conceptualization to the art of narrative writing, and transporting the writing onto construction of mise-en-scene for the screen, the programme here is designed towards arming the students with individuated cine stylo for independent thinking.The programme acts as a bridge between the world you bring and the world of the autuers of cinematic arts. The duel or the dialecticnever stops here – between the audio-visual traditions and the individual talents.

Screenplay- Everything you see on the screen from the action to dialogue to characters in written form is called a screenplay.  You can find some screenplays on IMDb for reference. 

Direction- Direction is guiding the crafts involved in the film and getting what you want from them to showcase your vision on to the screen. A good director has basic knowledge in every department of film making but t excel in direction, one should have handful of knowledge of basic cinematography, editing and acting. 


Qualification                 Minimum Eligibility to Apply

Graduation                        40%