Stream Vocational Courses
Course Type Professional
Duration 2 Years

The Directorate General of  Training (DGT) (past DGE&T, Ministry of Labor and Employment) in the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India started Craftsmen Training Scheme (CTS) in 1950 by building up around 50 Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) for granting aptitudes in different professional exchanges to meet the talented labor prerequisites for innovation and mechanical development of the nation. The subsequent significant period of increment in ITIs accompanied the oil-blast in West-Asia and fare of talented labor to that district from India. A few new private ITIs were built up in 1980's in southern states for the most part in Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, and so on from where prepared experts discovered position primarily in Gulf nations. In 1980, there were 830 ITIs and the number rose to 1900 ITIs in 1987. During 1990's, the development of ITIs had been steep and by and by there are more than 10,750 ITIs (2275 in Govt. and 8475 in Private Sector) having an all out seating limit of 15.22 lakhs.


Under the constitution of India, Vocational preparing is the simultaneous subject of both Central and State Governments. The advancement of preparing plans at National level, development of arrangement, laying of preparing gauges, standards, directing of assessments, accreditation, and so on are the obligations of the Central Government, though the execution of the preparation conspires to a great extent rests with the State Govts./UT Administrators. The Central Govt. is informed by the National Council with respect to Vocational Training (NCVT), a tripartite body having agents from bosses, laborers and Central/State Governments. Comparable Councils named as State Councils for Vocational Training are comprised for a similar reason by the separate State Governments at state levels.

 The academic qualification prescribed for the trade varies from class VIII pass to Class XII pass depending upon the trade. The trade vise prescribed qualification are given in the list of the trades covered under CTS .