Advanced Diploma in Big Data Analytics

Stream Short Term Courses
Course Type Certificate Course
Duration and 6Months

Course Preamble

In today’s world there is data available in abundance from variety of sources like web server logs, social media, and large databases and  from diverse domains like Ecommerce, Medical, Scientific etc. Big data analytics is the process of examining these data to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations and other useful information that can be used to make better decisions. Business people, Doctors,  Scientists etc. can use this to improve their services.
The main challenge to the analysis of big data comes because of the 4 V’s– volume, velocity, variety and veracity. For effective analytics, we need to deal with high volume of data of different variety which is being generated in high velocity. The data what is available from such  sources is highly unstructured which calls for analytics on the same.

Course Objective

The objective is to make the participants capable of identifying and applying appropriate techniques and tools to solve problems in managing huge quantity of data.

Course Outcome

After undergoing this course the participants will become data engineers who can perform analytics operations on data using various tools. They can develop, maintain and evaluate Big Data Solutions for organizations.


ME/MTech/BE/BTech/MSc/BSc / 3 year Diploma in (IT/Computer Science/Electronics), MCA/BCA /Degree holders with PGDCA or DOEACC A or B level or equivalent to any of these with good computer programming knowledge.