Advance Diploma in Computer Hardware & Networking (ADCHN)

Stream Short Term Courses
Course Type Diploma
Duration 1 Years

Advance Diploma in Computer Hardware and Networking (ADCHN) is Diploma level Networking course. The course provides candidates with a competitive edge in the IT world. Their technical skills include the ability to construct a computer from scratch as well as the implementation, management and maintenance of computers and network configurations to optimize performance. Course provides learners with a cutting edge in the domain and enables them to construct a machine from scratch.


The course Advance diploma in computer hardware & networking (ADCHN) has been designed to fulfill hardware and networking requirements of industries. The contents of course include hardware troubleshooting, maintenance, MCP & CCNA networking with window server 2008 and red hat enterprise Linux. Course Curriculum Basic Electronics Analog: soldering, resistors, current and voltage, ohm?s law, inductors and capacitors, transformers, semiconductors, diodes, transistors, half wave rectifier, full wave rectifier, and power supply. Digital: logic families and number systems, logic gates, multiplexing, flip flops, counters. Microprocessor: Introduction to microprocessors, microprocessor architecture, interrupts and memory, interfacing devices, I/O interfacing, Serial I/O. Disk operating system: DOS internal commands, DOS external commands, disk partitioning, system files and how they work, introduction to autoexec.bat & config.sys, file systems, booting process. Computer Hardware Operating system basics, Introduction and installation of Windows 98, Introduction and installation of Windows 2000 Professional, boot processes, managing files and folders, managing disk resources, device and driver installation, troubleshooting. Installing, Configuring, and Administering Windows XP Professional (70-270), Win7, Win8. Fundamentals of PC, memory, motherboards, power supply, IDE/SCSI devices, HDD, CDR/w, I/O ports and devices, keyboard, mouse, printer, BIOS/CMOS settings, Disk manager, partition magic. PC assembling and disassembling, troubleshooting / Fault finding and repairs, optimization.

Advance Diploma in Computer Hardware and Networking (ADCHN) Colleges

Minimum qualification : 10+2 pass required for admission