About Defence:

Choosing defence as a career is one of the best decisions you will be making in your life. If you have passion and spirit to work and protect your country and you have the right balance between your mental, physical and emotional skills, Defence will make your reach heights of success. Indian Defence has Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Airforce. Apart from these Border security forces are available as defence opportunities.

Few colleges take admission for Master Degree through written test only for those who are from non-defence studies in graduation. Persons serving in the Indian Armed Forces can get direct admission for the Master Degree programs in those colleges without any written test or interview.

The discipline also include few other subjects like Military Science, Military Sociology, Military History, Defence Economics, Map Reading, Fire safety and management, security management, disaster management, security and counter intelligence. Graduation, Diploma and Post Graduate courses are also offered in these subjects also.

One has end number of opportunities in the discipline. The major of them are in the following fields.Army,Air force,Coast Guard,Navy,Security agencies,Teaching,Tactical Services,Fire security,Journalism.

Defence studies deals with the education of military systems and national security. The courses are crafted to create the awareness of the defence and their strategies among the civilians of the country.