PG-Operation & Maintenance

Stream Engineering
Course Type PG Diploma
Duration 0 Years and 6Months

The Indian power Sector is presently passing through a phase of transition of technology up-gradation in the area of Generation and Transmission. Several new Ultra Mega Thermal power Projects are in the process of installation both in Public and private sectors where advanced technology with super critical parameters supported by the state of the art Control & Instrumentation system are being adopted. Simultaneously to evacuate the power, several EHV substations and long Transmission lines would be erected with associated distribution system. Presently India has the largest Electricity Grid in the World and world’s third largest Transmission and Distribution network. Indian Power Industry being highly capital intensive is growing at a very fast rate. The installed capacity of Indian Power industry as on Jan., 2016 is about 2, 84,300 MW. To keep pace with GDP growth of our country Govt. of India has a mandate of adding about 1,18,537 MW and 1,16,900 MW during 12th & 13th five years plans. To evacuate and utilize this huge amount of Power, additional T&D network and trained manpower would be required. Additional 163000 CtKms and 30 Crores consumers would be added to the present T&D network. Various new technologies like Ultra High Voltage (AC/DC) transmission system, Facts, SCADA application, remote operation of Substation etc. The management of this huge network shall be a challenging task. To man this huge transmission System and Distribution network, a huge manpower adequately trained shall be required which will be of the order of 4.00 Lacs. Keeping all these aspects in view.

The duration of the course would be 26 weeks which will include the class room sessions as well as on-the-job training. The students have to attend the on-job practice sessions in various Substations. Visit to some reputed manufacturing plants shall also be arranged. To enhance the personal skills, some inputs of Management are also to be given to the students. The course is also open for the sponsored candidates from SEBs and Power Utilities (Public & Private). 

B.Tech/ B.E.

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