B.A. (Drawing and Painting)

Bachelor of Arts in Drawing and Painting

Stream Arts
Course Type Degree
Duration 3 Years

B.A. Drawing and Painting or Bachelor of Arts in Drawing and Painting is an undergraduate Drawing and Painting course. Part of painting and drawing is the addition of texture, whether the piece is realistic or abstract. There are various kinds of textures in art and design. Actual or real textures are those that can be touched such as the smooth surface of a metal sculpture or the spiky surface of a cactus. We can readily identify a material by its texture: glass is smooth and slick; sand is gritty and fine. In three-dimensional works, artists use actual texture to add a tactile quality to the work. The course highlights the visual textures that can be created to look like real textures, two-dimensional work of art; texture gives a visual sense of how an object would feel in real life. B.A. Drawing and Painting is three years duration course.

B.A. Drawing and Painting Course Specialization

Portrait Studies

Drawing for Design

Still Life Painting

Figure Composition

Landscape Painting


Design for Art Sources

Process of Graphic Design Development

Portrait Painting

Graphic Design

Jewellery Design



B.A. Drawing and Painting Employment Areas

Educational Institutes


Art Galleries

Historic Monuments

Paint shops

B.A. Drawing and Painting Job Types

Drawing Teacher

Design/Drawing Manager

Painting Inspector


Graphic Designer

Spray Painter Technician

Those who have passed their 12th class from a recognised school board or its equivalent exam.

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