BBA in Media & Communication

Stream Film & Entertainment
Course Type Degree
Duration 3 Years


Communication has been the essence of human existence since the inception of mankind. Over the centuries, the methods of communication evolved and the myriad mediums of communication developed. We all have something to convey to others and we all wish to receive the thoughts of others. This makes study of media and communication one of the most fascinating fields of study, which would give you a deep understanding of our information-rich society.

The BBA in Media and Communication focuses on all forms of media and its impact on business, culture and society. The three-year program endeavors to hone young creative minds for each spectrum of media and entertainment space. The program develops skills critical for an ever-changing technological and knowledge-based society.

Students in this program are made familiar with the fundamental concerns, theoretical approaches, and methods of the field, and to acquire advanced knowledge in one or more sub-areas of the discipline. Students are challenged to think strategically and creatively and are prepared with the entire wherewithal to accomplish an organization's advertising and marketing communications objectives and delivering effective and creative communication messages. They are trained to address a client problem using a full spectrum of promotional tool.

Students are taught not only the technical skills and uses of different media, but are also trained to discern how what is to be communicated and through which medium. The program helps students to cross boundaries and explore a variety of separate disciplines in theoretical and applied contexts and empowers students with aesthetic, critical, and technological skills that are essential for future market demands.

The BBA in Media and Communication is ideal for students wanting to immerse in a multi-dimensional landscape of traditional and emerging media and explore communication in all its facets. This program is meant to position you as a leader in the ever-evolving communication and media domain enable you to remain competitive throughout your career.

The program is a fountainhead leading to several career paths, including market research, corporate communications, event planning, advertising, media writing, teaching, and government.


You would be able to take up positions such as copywriter, art director, and corporate communication executive, accounts executive, public relations executive, media planner, media buyer, market researcher, creative writer and many such similar occupations.

Eligibility:- 10+2 in Arts / Commerce / Science