B.Voc. in Sales and Marketing

Stream Vocational Courses
Course Type Degree
Duration 3 Years


The course has been designed with the objective of preparing an individual to take up a career in the Sales & Marketing profession. To this end, this course covers all the specific aspects of the Sales & Marketing process and in the final year also allows the student to take up the Sales & Marketing profession in specific industries like banking, insurance, telecom, retail, telesales and for institutional Sales & Marketing across industries.  

Course Structure The Vocational course is a three-year program consists a combination of Practical, Theory and Generic (provided by TISS) courses. The three-year program will be divided into 6 semesters; 2 semesters per year. 1st year will be a Diploma, 2nd year will be Advance Diploma & 3rd year will be a Degree.


  • Higher Secondary completed

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