Exam Preparation 2020-21

Exam Preparation 2020-21

How to Study English subject

PUBLISH DATE 9th September 2020

"How to Study English subject"

 "Dear friends,

 Let's see how to study English subject of std XII in a simple way. The first 25 per cent reduction course is Unit One (Prose) 1.7 Why We Travel, 1.8 Vayaging Towards Excellence and Unit Two (Poem) 2.7 She Walks in Beauty 2.8 Small Towns and Rivers. .


Sr No

Name of the section


Marks with Option






Six prose





Six Poem


Writing Skill



Six Items

and std XI





Four Items












1. Section - l: Prose Reading for comprehension, Language Study, Summary and Note Making activities will be asked. The two paragraphs will be in the book and will have the following activities. The vocabulary given on the side of the lesson should be explained. Students should make a habit of self-made activity while reading. The method of content in the lesson. Activity is asked accordingly.

For example, "Punctually at midday he opened his bag and spread out his professional equipment, which consisted of a dozen cowrie shells, a square piece of cloth with obscure mystic charts on it, a notebook, and a bundle of palmyra writing."

 (1.1 An Astrologer’s Day.  Page No. 2)

 If the above sentence is understood, it can be created in the form of Self-Made Activity as a Diagram.

A. Complete the diagram.


Since Personal Response Activities are self-expressing, Students should practice expressing themselves through writing. Personal Response Activities are also based on paragraphs or lesson. Therefore, the summary of all the lesson should be considered.

For example, 1.1 An Astrologer’s Day

A. Write in 50 words about career which you want to choose.

A. Have you believed in prediction? Why?

A. Write your opinion about Astrology as a science.

A. Write your opinion about science versus superstitions.

Since the grammar sentence is based on the syntax in the paragraph, it will be easier to solve the grammar sentence if you ask the syntax while reading the text.

     For example, * He is alive. (Page No. 7) If there is a sentence in the paragraph, it will be asked as a negative sentence in grammar. Carefully study the grammar given below the lessons.

2. Section II Poem: Activities on Poetry and Appreciation will be asked. There will be activities based on any two of the six poems in total. The format of the activity will be as follows. Activities are asked based on Global Understanding, Inference, Interpretative, Analysis, Personal Response, Poetic Devices and Creativity. Creativity activity should be practiced. Self-made activities should be created while studying all the poems.

If you practice writing Poetic Appreciation of six poems in this format, you will easily get four marks. Write Poetic Appreciation in the form of a chart.

Poetic Appreciation:

1About the poem, poet and title. 2Theme/summary/gist of the poem.

3 Poetic style/language,poetic devices used in the poem.

4 Special features/novelties/ focusing elements.

5 Message/values/morals in the poem.

6Your opinion about the poem

Section III: The question is in the form of 16 marks activity based on Writing Skill. Writing Skill studied in class 11th is an Email, Letter, Expansion of Idea, Blog Writing, Film Review, Compering. The book of XII Std includes Summary Writing, Mind Mapping, Note Making, Statement of Purpose, Drafting a Virtual Message and Group discussion. It should be read first. Students should try to write at least one writing skill example every day by making a separate note book of Writing Skill for class 12th. Previous question papers of the board are available online. Students can use their writing skills very well. Practice makes man perfect.

If you write the final draft after the rough draft with the issues of Format, Content, Accuracy, Appropriacy and Grammar in front of you, there will be less mistakes in the writing. However, the final draft has to be written for the exam.


 उदावेगवेगळया विषयांच्या पुस्तकात Mind Mapping च्या activity सोडविलेल्या असतात. इयत्ता 12 वी इंग्रजी पुस्तकातील पान नंबर 146 वरील अॅक्टीव्हीटी पाहु या.

 (A3) Develop a 'Mind Mapping' frame / design to show the development in your personality seen within yourself in the last 5 years. You can take the help of the following points in order to develop each of them into further branches: (Development in Physique, Self-learning Process, Communication Skills, Social Awareness, Family Responsibility)





युनिट 3. 5 Drafting a virtual message चे पुस्तकातील पान नंबर 165 वरील उदाहरण सहज सोडविता येईल.


Section IV: Novels:  Novels are written in the same manner in which Drama was studied in Class XI. It includes 4.1 History of Novel 4.2 To Sir, with Love - E. R. Braithwaite 4.3 Around the World in Eighty Days -Jules Gabriel Verne 4.4 The Sign of Four - Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle.

Students must first read it carefully. Objective test on history of novel will have two activities for four marks. Answer in about 50 words (Plot, Structure, Theme, Character, Setting. Language) or Activity will be asked. So, the three novels should be studied in this way. Each novel will be for four marks so all the novels are compulsory. Detailed activities are given in the book. They should be practiced.

In short, Students should place a lot of importance on reading, like the ' If you read, read' tactic. Much of the activity is based on comprehension and reading is required for comprehension. "Self-Made Activity" activities will be innovative. Practicing for writing skills and grammar is the lifeblood mantra. This is the time to be your beacon!

Author : Mr Game Shashikant Rangnath

Lecturer, Dnyanganga Vidyaniketan & Jr.College, Manchi Hill, Tal Sangamner, Dist : Ahmednagar.Pin : 413714

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