Exam Preparation 2020-21

Exam Preparation 2020-21

Biology Ch-2: MHT-CET & NEET Preparation 2021-22

PUBLISH DATE 22nd September 2020

Compiled By : Dr Mrs. Prof  Satiindarjeet Kaul.

Vice Principal (Ex)  

Abasaheb Garware College pune

Biology Ch-2: MHT-CET & NEET Praparation 2021-22 

Topic : Sexual Reproduction in Animals

1. External / accessory / secondary sexual characters first appear in

a. Childhood

b. Puberty

c. Foetus

d. Adulthood

2. Cryptorchidism is

a. Nondescent of testes in scrotum

b. Nondevelopment of testes

c. Removal of scrotum

d. Breaking connection of vas deferens

3. Voice is high pitched in

a. Aged persons

b. Adult males

c. Boys

d. Females

4. Non-primate mammals have

a. Menstrual cycle

b. Oestrus cycle

c. Breeding seasons

d. Non-breeding seasons

5. Vasa efferentia possess

a. Peristalsis

b. Secretory cells

c. Ciliated cells

d. Openings for seminal vesicles

6. Epididymis is

a. Network of sinuses between seminiferous tubules and vasa efferntia

b.Intermediate structure between rete testis and vasa efferentia

c. A long-coiled tube between vasa efferentia and vas deferens

d. Connection between vas deferens and seminal vesicle

7. Glands of male reproductive system are

a. Prostate and seminal vesicles

b. Prostate, Bertholin’s and seminals

c. Seminals vesicles and Bertholin’s glands

d. Prostate, Cowpers and seminals.

8. Number of sperms present in a single ejaculation of semen contains

a. 10,000

b. 100,000 – 1000,000

c. 30-40 million

d. 300 – 400 million

9. Menstrual cycle is controlled by

a. Estrogen and progesterone of ovary

b. FSH and LH of pituitary

c. Both A & B

d. FSH of pituitary

10. Luteal phase is the other name of

a. Follicular phase

b. Proliferative phase

c. Menstrual flow phase

d. Secretory phase

11. Mesorchium is peritoneal covering of

a. Ovary

b. Testis

c. Kidney

d. Liver

12. Ostium is the aperture present in

a. Oviduct

b. Fallopian tube

c. Ovisac

d. Cloaca

13. The function of hyaluronidase is

a. To form cone of reception in egg

b. To puncture the vitelline membrane of the egg

c. It is not produced in human sperms

d. None of the above

14. Centrioles of sperm control

a. Movement of the tail

b. Haploid number of chromosomes

c. Help in fertilization

d. None of the above

15. Tunica albuginea is the covering around

a. Ovary

b. Testis

c. Kidney

d. Heart

16. The fertilization membrane is secreted because

a. It checks the entry of more sperms after fertilization

b. It checks the entry of antigens in the ovum

c. It represents the left out tail of the sperm

d. It represents the plasma membrane of sperm

17. Eggs from ovaries are released in

a. Oviduct

b. Kidney

c. Ureter

d. Coelom

18. Development of foetus takes place in

a. Vagina

b. Uterus

c. Ovary

d. Oviduct

19 Chorionic gonadotropin is secreted by

a. Pituitary

b. Ovary

c. Placenta

d. Uterus

20. Vitelline membrane is a

a. Primary egg membrane

b. Secondary egg membrane

c. Tertiary egg membrane

d. None of these

Answer Key 

1.B 2.A 3.D 4.B 5.C 6.C 7.D 8.D 9.C 10.  D
11.  B 12.  B 13.  B 14.  A 15.  B 16.  A 17.  D 18.  B 19.  C 20.  A

MHT-CET, NEET  & JEE Mains Mock Exam 

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