Exam Preparation 2020-21

Exam Preparation 2020-21

Dealing with Biology chapters 3 , 4 and 12

PUBLISH DATE 10th October 2020

STD. XII Biology

Dealing with Biology chapters 3 , 4 and 12

Dear student friends,

12th standard is very important in the educational phase, as it decides the career, the future prospects and hence the opportunities likely to be available.  This is a stepping stone on which the building of life stands and gets the support from. But this year you are facing a situation that was never predicted and nobody has experienced it earlier.  Due to this corona pandemic each and every field, not only in our country but worldwide, is badly affected. Moreover it cannot be estimated when will we come out of it.

Even if this is the situation, you have to be mentally strong and stable.

You might have to take part in the family routine or might have to participate in the household cores, but in spite of it, you have to concentrate on your studies. One more thing, the decisions regarding the dates and nature of examination are also not clear and change frequently, which also may be disturbing for you. But remember, all these situations are beyond our control. So to maintain your morale, regular studies and concentration are the only things, you can do. Keep only this thing in mind discarding all other chaos.

 You will have to promise yourself that, in all these odd situations you will remain focused and do justice to your capacities. If you fail to prove yourself making some excuses, you will not get the success, you deserve for. This is a temporary phase which will pass. Always think about your future which does depend on the efforts you put in today.

 Biology is a science of living beings. It is related to our own life and hence it is interesting. You will also study this as it is very necessary for you to know at least basic concept of the life process.

 The entire study and the question paper is based on four domains

  1. Knowledge
  2. Understanding
  3. Application
  4. Skill

 You must know the content, you should understand the basic underlying concepts and you should be able to apply those in other related cases. The diagrams and the schematic or graphic representation require skill.

 I am going to discuss this with special reference to ‘inheritance and Biotechnology’ i.e. Chapter 3, 4 and 12 from your textbook. These topics are that way hard.  Just to mug the things and pen down on answer paper- this approach will not help you.  Unless and until you understand the subject, you will not remember and will not be able to write down in the examination.

Some points you will always keep in mind -

  1. Read the chapters thoroughly with full concentration. Take the help from your teachers or other study material and understand the content. Don't take the short-cut of remembering the things without understanding. It may not help you during examination hours.
  2. Do not directly go for guides or multiple choice question books. Learn the concept from the text book, read the chapter as many times, till you understand the topic and then go for solving the questions.  Even for MCQs and very short answer types question, thorough knowledge of the subject has no alternative.
  3. For the Board examination chapter wise weightage is given. For chapter 3 and 4 it is 4 and 6, while for chapter 12 it is 5 and 7, without option and with option respectively. That means all types of questions- 1, 2, 3, and 4 marks can be asked on these chapters. So prepare the things accordingly.
  4. My suggestion will be, not to keep any topic or chapter for option, but be prepared with entire text book.
  5. Refer, of course, the guideline of chapter wise weightage. But when you are ready with the entire content, you will be able to solve any type of question.
  6. Practice the diagrams/schematic diagrams first by referring the book and then by not looking into it.  The diagram must be neat clear, proportionate and well labelled. No marks are given for unlabelled diagram.
  7. For the questions like- define, differentiate between, state the law, enlist etc. you must answer in proper specific words; otherwise you may not get the marks.
  8. For Mendelian or other crosses, represent them graphically mentioning phenotype and genotype. Final result of F2 progeny must be given in Punnett square format. Remember the dominant and recessive characters very well so that you can solve the problems pertaining to them.
  9. Write the answers in points for questions like- salient features of chromosomal theory, visible signs of Down’s/ Turner's syndrome, applications of biotechnology, uses of gene therapy, characters of genetic code, advantages of GM plants/ transgenic animals etc.
  10. Write the answers for the following type of questions, in the correct sequence. E.g. - DNA replication, synthesis of protein, Operon concept, DNA fingerprinting, mechanism of PCR, methodology of rDNA etc. These are long answer questions. but part of it can be asked for short answer questions e.g. transcription or translation process of protein synthesis. Only diagram of such questions can also be asked.
  11. for the questions regarding the experiments e.g. Griffith’s  experiment, Meselson and Stahl’s experiment, Hershey-Chase

experiment etc. write the answer in proper format as – aim – procedure – observation and conclusion.

   Taking too much tension is not desirable, but adequate tension should be there to keep us active and to get success.

  Wish you all the best…..!

Written By : Prof Mrs Mangala Khanvelkar

Vice Principal (Ex)

Lecturer of Biology (Ex)

Abasaheb Garware College Pune


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