Exam Preparation 2020-21

Exam Preparation 2020-21

Biology- How to score more marks

PUBLISH DATE 5th October 2020

Dear students,

As you know, you are going to appear for the 12th standardHSC board examination after a few months.It is the turning point of your life as it decides your career. It all depends upon the score you get at boards and various entrance examinations.Interestingly,thesyllabus for both is the same. So, once you study for the board,it will be useful for appearing both state and national level competitive examination.

Now, you must be having a question in your mind -

Why should I study?

What am I going to achieve by studying or what am I going to lose by not studying?

Yes, it is obvious to have these questions in mind when all different types of distractions like social media, internet are present around.

Education is an investment in knowledge which pays the best interest”

Thus, if you invest today by studying, then you will get returns in the form of a successful career and opulent lifestyle.

Another doubt is, “Is it possible for me”? Yes

“Education is the manifestation of perfection already in men”

- Swami Vivekananda

Every individual has the potential for perfection. The only requirement is itsyour application to succeed. You have tremendous potential and talent. This is the time to prove it.

The next step is motivation. For completion of any task, you require some motivation because motivation is the key to success. It helps in maintaining attention. It is an internal drive for success which helps to understand the facts in the learning process.

Success is the result of hard work, perseverance, and learning from failure. Persistence is the vehicle you drive towards the path of success.

Preparation for board examination

Your concepts should be clear. For achieving thorough clarity of concepts, you need to prepare your notes. Don’t copy or get the Xerox from your friends. For preparing notes, read the textbook thoroughly. Every concept is explained in detail with the help of a diagram, flowchart, etc. Strictly stick to the prescribed textbook of Bal Bharati. An elaborate description is given in the textbook which helps in self-learning. This book is based on the NCERT textbook. So, you are simultaneously preparing for CET or NEET.

In the current scenario of the COVID-19 pandemic, online lectures are conducted. Students as well as teachers are getting adjusted to this new method of learning and teaching. While listening to the lecture, write down important terminologies, definitions from the presentation. During online teaching, there is NO EYE TO EYE contact. So, try to understand all the concepts by paying attention properly.

 Internet and teachers are anytime ready to help you to clear your doubts. So, students transform this adversity into opportunity.

You must try to Study, every day for at least 4-5 hours. Your study should be qualitative and not quantitative. Once studied, revise it everyday. For e.g.; if you study one part of a chapter today, before proceeding for part two, revise part one and so on.  So, practice makes you perfect.

Biology is a descriptive subject. So, read and understand every concept. Don’t skip anything. If you skip or avoid, you will not understand the latter part and you will lose interest.

The syllabus of the 12th standard is framed in gradation. So, you need to understand all the concepts, phenomenaetc. ofthe 11th standard. Revise it and proceed for your studies.

Students, about 25% of syllabus is reduced  for academic year 2020-21  only. Specially,in chapter 5,6 and 7  only little part is retained.Weightageof these chapters  is not changed till date.So, it is always wiser to prepare these chapters thoroughly and score full marks. Chapter 8 and 9 have  maximum weightage of 10 and 11 marks respectively.Study these topics thoroughly.

For e.g.;In Ch.1 and Ch. .2 (Reproduction)you should be perfect with the details of meiosis and ploidy of cells.Then you can comprehend these chapters at ease.

Fundamentals of research-oriented subjects like the Enhancement of food and biotechnology are dealt with in detail.Understanding the various microorganisms becomes more important in today’s COVID  situation. A virus forces the entire world to a standstill. Do you know what isRT-PCR test?

In the chapter,Health, and diseases, you can understand the role of antigen,antibody, vaccine, etc.Today we are familiar with terms like incubation period, mode of transmission, preventive measures. It can be related to other diseases as well.

By thoroughly understanding the ch.8 Respiration and circulation, you can correlate the symptoms of corona positive patients and reasons for the same. Like a dry cough, breathlessness, hypoxia, etc. 

We can find a solution for many of the day- to- day problems by studying chapter 4, Molecular basis of inheritance.Details of protein synthesis and lac operonare described here. Before starting the study of this chapter, revise the chapter of 11th std; biomolecules. You will grasp it fast.

After preparation of elaborate notes and diagrams,now start solving all the exercises given at the end every chapter and also in-text questions.

You can use, you-tube videos for getting more clarity.The Internet can act as a double-edged sword.It is upto you to decide whether that is boon or bane.

The next very important step is discipline.Follow the target and timetable (prepared by you)meticulously. If you could not complete the target in a given time of studying, cut down your sleep, and complete your target. Hard work is the only thing you can rely on to achieve your goals.There is no substitute for hard work. So, don’t get carried away by short cut methods.

Go through question paper pattern available onboard website. It includes MCQs and very short answer type of questions. For solving these types of questionsthorough knowledge includingthe minor details of the chapter, are required. If you are confident, you can score full here. You can save time for solving these questions. You need to write only question number and sub-question.

Forex; Q.1 (10)

  1. A ----------
  2.   C -----------

Q.2 (08)



For two marks questions (Q.3 to Q. 14)

Draw a labeled diagram of T.S. of the thyroid gland

For this question, (draw proportionate diagram:½ marks and three correct labels:1 ½ marks)

For three marks questions (Q.15 to Q. 26)

Define medical termination of pregnancy. Describe any two techniques practiced to treat infertility. (Definition 1mark and two techniques: 2 marks) For four marks questions (Q.27 to Q. 31)

Draw a neat labeled diagram of a mature monocot embryo. Mention two major differences between dicot and monocot embryo.

(Diagram with three correct labels – 2marks

Any four differences - 2marks)Students, work hard and appear for the examination without tension.Nothing can stop you from scoring good marks in boards and from coming out with flying colors in different competitive examinations.

Wish you all the best and a bright future.

“Nothing succeeds like success.”


Wriiten By : Prof Mrs Revati Inamadar, Biology ( lecturer) , Kirti College, Mumbai Board Of Studies Member BIOLOGY Maharashtra Board Of Sec & Higher sec Edication , Author of 11th 12 th Biology text books

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