Board Exams

Board Exams

How to face exam without fear

PUBLISH DATE 28th March 2021

The board exams of class 10 and class 12 are landmark events in the lives of students. Board examinations are the decisive factor for most future endeavors. Till now students have faced some ground competition with their classmates but this time they will face a great competition with numerous students across India. This year, there is going to be an additional challenge for those who are appearing for their board exams because, after a prolonged period of education in a digital platform, the students will have to appear for their board exams in the offline mode.

While exams are often associated with stress, anticipation, anxiety, pressure, and sleepless nights, the addition of the word 'Board' doubles the stress levels in both students and parents alike.

Examinations are an inevitable part of a student’s life. Hence, rather than panicking about it, students should look at the board exam as a milestone in their educational journey.

In this stressful academic journey, parents have a major role to play in helping their child prepare stress-free for their board exams. It has been observed that stress before and during exams has an adverse impact on the performance of students. This puts one question in everyone’s minds how can students and parents cope with exam stress?

Attempting the question paper properly in board examinations can help you score high marks. Paper presentation is an important aspect and you must attempt the paper in a way that not only makes an impact on the checker but also makes him read your paper easily.

No matter how well you prepare for the exam, but if you are not able to put all your knowledge in the right way on your answer sheet then all your hard work goes in vain. Actually, it is a well-observed fact that students often become nervous and anxious while sitting in the examination hall. The pressure is so overwhelming that they tend to forget what they had learned during the exam preparations. Though it is natural among all but the situation can be made easy by following a few useful tips while sitting in the examination hall and writing your paper.

Here we will take a look at some tips and strategies which will help you prepare and attempt your exam in the best possible way.

1. Make the right use of additional 15 minutes

Almost all the school boards have introduced the concept of an additional 15 minutes time for the board examinations before students start writing their exams. This additional time is provided for students to read the questions properly and draft a plan in their mind about how they will solve the paper correctly without getting panicked. So, students must utilize these 15 minutes very carefully to make a strategy for writing their exam smoothly and correctly.

2. Set the priority

List out the questions which you are more confident about. There’s no need to write the answers in the same order as in the question paper. Firstly, write those answers which you know correctly. This will help you gain confidence and will also help you spare enough time to think about the answers to other questions which are a bit blur in your mind.

3. Write brief, to the point answers

Read a question carefully and understand the sense of the question. Try to limit your answer to the requirement and avoid writing huge paragraphs describing something that either does not need explaining, or that has not even been asked. Keep your answers left-justified.

4. Choose questions wisely

Usually, some questions in the paper are provided with internal choices. The student has to select any one of those choices. But the tricky thing with these choices is that students often decide on instinct which question to attempt and later they regret not choosing the other question which they knew better. This happens because of haste. When it comes to you to choose the questions you want to attempt, give a careful reading to each question at least twice and then create a mental picture of what you have to write in each case. This way you will be able to evaluate your knowledge about the particular question and help you clear away any doubts.

5. Attempt all the questions

We know that there is no negative marking for wrong answers in board exams. So don’t be afraid to answer the questions about which you are confused, as you have nothing to lose. Read the question very carefully. Re-read the question. Try to understand the genre of the question and what it demands. If you know the answer, then write it. If you don't, then use your brain and make a smart guess. Examiners are always looking for technical terms or appropriate keywords where they may give you marks.

6. Don’t decorate the answer sheet

It is well observed among many students that they have a habit of attempting their question paper in a colorful manner by using blue, green and black colored pointers or markers for headings and underlining each one of them. Doing this decorative work is nowhere going to gain you any extra marks but will definitely take away that precious time that you could have used in thinking and writing the answers to questions that you left for the end. Use only two pens; a blue pen for writing the text and a black for headings. While drawing diagrams, you must always use a pencil. It would keep your answer sheet simple and would also give you time to write more.

7. Space out each word

Make sure your words are properly spaced out. Don’t squeeze in ten words in the same line. Examiners will find it difficult to read such overlapped words. This may cause a fall in your grades. Your paper should look neat and clean. Try to write the answers in points. Avoid bunching all sentences together. Leave at least two lines before and after each question. Doing this will also help you later when you feel you want to add something to your answer.  This will prevent you from making your answer script messy.

8. Don’t panic

It’s not always obvious for you to know everything. There may be some questions which you find beyond your knowledge. At such times, do not panic or be afraid. Because this can affect your brain badly making it blank. This way you won’t be even able to answer those questions which you knew initially. Think wisely, be calm and focused. You will have plenty of time to think and frame the answers to all questions. All you need is to act sensibly to keep yourself boosted up with full confidence.

9. Check your answer sheet

After you have completed the paper don’t forget to check your answer sheet and that even twice at least. Check what you have written. Many times while tallying the answers, we come across silly mistakes that would have been left unaltered if were not checked. Check if you haven't skipped any questions. Also, make sure that you have written your roll number neatly and properly before handing over the sheet to the examiner.

10. Stationery

Check your stationery pouch, and ensure you have extra pens, pencils, erasers, ruler and whatever else you might need. For your Mathematics exam, don't forget the geometry set. And remember to carry your admit card/ hall ticket!

11. Comfortable clothes

This is more from a comfort point of view rather than fashion advice - plan your wardrobe, and keep all your favorite clothes ready to wear on important exam days. The last thing on your mind or cause for distraction should be uncomfortable clothes. And don't forget the lucky scarf, good luck t-shirt, the lucky color, irrespective of whether they actually work, will give you confidence. But if there's a rule that you have to wear your school uniform, then you may ignore this advice :)

12. Get your accessories right

Your accessories - a watch is a must to keep track of time and to manage it well. Shoes should be comfortable, hair clips and studs for the girls should be comfortable.

13. Attitude

Doesn't really matter how much you have studied, as long as you carry the right attitude. Stay positive. Tell yourself that nothing can go wrong. Reinforce positive thoughts, you are your best motivator and tell yourself that you have done your best. Most importantly you have nothing to lose, everything to gain…so go forth and face that board exam like it’s just another regular exam in school, and you will be surprised at how well you fare!

These important techniques, if implemented properly while framing your answers, are sure to help you secure the optimum marks in your Board Exam 2021. These techniques will also help you complete your paper within time constraints. Just give your best without being worried about the result.


Subject Wise Tips:


  • If you are clear with the basic concepts, Mathematics could be a high-scoring subject for you.
  • Sometimes calculations can be time-consuming you should have to practice a lot to gain speed and accuracy.
  • Practice common square root and cube root questions it can help you to solve questions quickly.
  • Make separate copies for formulas and theorems to revise easily at any time.
  • Beware of the silly mistakes that you often make.
  • Solve last year's question papers and sample papers.
  • Time management.


  • Have a good grip on the fundamental concepts.
  • Practice both direct formulae and theorem-based questions for better preparations.


  • Pay attention to the important diagrams and their theory.
  • It is mostly a theoretical subject so go through the important definitions of each topic.
  • Make sure to focus on the important topics and their respective functions.


  • Chemistry is a high-scoring subject, which requires less time for preparations.
  • Study reactions and make a chart of the formulae and practice them.
  • An in-depth study of the subject can help you to increase speed and accuracy in solving questions.


  • Practice mock papers.
  • Go through Previous Year Papers.
  • Focus on Grammar.
  • Work on writing skills.

Social Studies

  • Read chapters comprehensively without skipping any content (boxes glossary included).
  • Make a flow chart of (only names) important dates, events, people.
  • Write a very short summary of each important episode/ policy etc. (50 to 60 words only).
  • Map work need to be taken seriously and practised. Do the map work in the map only and do not do it in the answer sheet and use the pointed pencils for that.
  • After going through the course, prepare the previous year’s papers.
  • For 1 mark question only 1 point or 1 word and for 3 mark question 3 points with explanation and for 5 marks 5 points with explanation.
  • Practice questions related to latitude and longitude they could be high scoring questions of the subject.

If you follow these tips religiously, you can be prepared well for your board exams, even with less time left before the examination starts. Board is an important milestone in your life. Therefore, you must make it certain to leave no stone unturned to make yourself and your parents proud. Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!

All the best…


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