UGC NET exam 2020: Five master tips to Score well

PUBLISH DATE 18th May 2020

The UGC Net Examination is a gateway to academic research and teaching. University Grants Commission (UGC) organizes a National Eligibility Test (NET), to determine the eligibility of aspirants for the posts of lecturer in colleges and universities and to award Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) to deserving aspirants.

After qualifying the UGC NET examination, eligibility aspirants can apply for teaching in various colleges throughout the country. Following are some tips and tricks aspirants can incorporate to perform better in the examination.

Keep up with the latest pattern of exams

As much as having a detailed knowledge of the subject is important, one should not forget that it is still a competitive exam, and like all competitive exams knowing the latest pattern and marking scheme enables you to score the best marks that are possible with your level of preparation. For this aspirant shall know where to look for the latest exam pattern, always prefer the official website and notification released by the UGC over any unofficial website. Even the aspirants who have joined coaching should research for the latest exam pattern themselves just to be sure.

Stay Consistent in your Academic Studies

UGC NET is not a game show quiz wherein you prepare a specific subject/topic and expect to crack the cut-off. The syllabus is vast and consists of numerous topics that are too dense to be covered in any specific timeline even with the help of the coaching. Keep in touch with the faculty of your college; readily consult them about the problems you are facing in a specific topic. Research on topics on your own and develop a keen sense of scientific thinking which helps in learning concepts faster. Consistency is a key to success. Therefore, aspirants shall keep their pace academic studies and marks steady. Through aspirants will not then have to start from scratch to study any specific subject.

Assess your Strengths and Weaknesses

Nobody is perfect at all topics. Identify your strength areas and polish them further. For example, in case of specific subject like Physics, aspirants can study topics intensively in which they are stronger at. What’s interesting is that very rarely do two aspirants agree on their stronger and weaker topics as it highly depends on the aspirants themselves. So, it becomes imperative for aspirants to know which topics they will be able to deal better in the exam and to prepare a study strategy accordingly.

Keep mock tests handy

Decent quality mock tests examine your preparation level and provide you a rough outcome of the exam had you appeared for it with your current level of preparation. Mock Tests not only provide you with a brief experience of what the exam might look like, but also the most probable questions that are to appear in the examination. Additionally, mock tests are the solution for those aspirants as well who struggle to keep up with the time restriction of the examination. Thus, we suggest you treat your mock tests as your most useful asset for the exam preparation

Structure your Last Days correctly

The most important phase of your exam preparation is the days leading up to the exam. Your preparation in these crucial moments plays a huge role in determining the outcome for you. Thus, make these moments count, formulate a game plan on how you want to go about with the revision. Make sure to keep your notes organized so that you don’t waste any time in searching for the particular study material that you need. Revise all the formulae and theorems to be best prepared for the examination.

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