Board Exams

Board Exams

New Syllabus: How to Study Chemistry

PUBLISH DATE 27th October 2020



Hello students,

Today we are going to give you some tips and tricks for the preparation of XII std. HSC board examination as well as competitive examinations.

As all of you know that syllabus of std. XII is changed from this year that is from 2020-2011 and for this year that is for 2020-2021 25% syllabus is also reduced due to covid-19. So you have to study only 75% for HSC board examination. I am giving you the copy of the reduced syllabus to you here.


This book includes physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry and applied chemistry. Weightage according to the topic is as follows.

VidyarthiMitra VidyarthiMitra

While studying chemistry you must remember the following points.

  • Reading of book is essential.
  • Units and their conversions.
  • Definitions as given in the book.
  • Symbols.
  • IUPAC nomenclature.
  • Nomenclature by common system.
  • Structures of various compounds.

There will be different kinds of questions in the examination. These questions will be asked for different marks. Here I am giving you the paper pattern for HSC board examination.


The type of questions asked are as below

  • Definitions.
  • State the law.
  • Derivations.
  • Distinguish between.
  • Explain.
  • Give reason.
  • Draw labelled diagram.
  • Draw structures.
  • Write reactions.
  • Write IUPAC names.
  • Numericals
  • Etc.

So students first you need to read the topic carefully. Then write all the definitions, statement of laws, formulae, IUPAC nomenclature, etc.

Try to solve the questions given in the end of the topic.

While solving numerical first write the formula then substitute the values. (Ensure that all units mentioned in the numerical are from same system.)

Carry out calculations.

Write answer with the units as asked in the numerical.

While writing question of points of differences or similarities you should prepare four points. (Merge the 2-3 small points to make one good  point). E.g. while writing difference between SN1 and SN2 mechanism select 4 good points or merge the points and write 4 good points.

For diagram – Draw proper diagram with at least two meaningful labels for content in the diagram.

Inorganic chemistry includes only 3 topics which contribute 26 marks. Hence these topics should be studied seriously.

Reading of these topics is very important. If you have studied modern periodic table very well in standard 11 then study of these topics will be easier for you.

In organic chemistry nomenclature by common system and IUPAC system, classification of functional group compounds, writing of structures of homologues, methods of preparations of different functional groups, there chemical and physical properties should be studied very carefully.

Two uses of compounds are normally asked for 1 mark.

Writing balanced chemical equations is very important in organic chemistry. Along with reactions there are few reaction mechanisms also, which can be asked for 3 marks.

Many students face difficulty in remembering the reactions, but the following points may help you to remember the reaction.

  • Reactions should be classified in different groups depending upon the change occurring in the reaction. E.g. oxidation, reduction, substitution, condensation etc.
  • Try to remember the reagents which are essential to carry out the reaction.
  • Identify the change in the reaction.

In this way you can prepare your own notebook of model answers for the questions after studying the topics. Read this notebook often.

You should practice writing of the answers, reactions, drawing diagrams etc.

Before you prelim exams solve at least 2 question papers in exam schedule time (3 hrs). Get your answer paper corrected from your teacher and act on the wrong answers.


Written by: Prof. Mohini Kulkarni

Lecturer at Abasaheb Garware College, Pune

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