Why we need to Focus

Why we need to Focus

Why we need to Focus

PUBLISH DATE 11th May 2020

We all attempt to multitask in our daily lives. Sometimes it is a necessity with the amount of studies, work, home chores that we have to balance. However, I’ve learned that multitasking often produces poor results. If you want to be more productive, you need to focus on one thing at a time.

We need to focus so that we can make better choices, filter out the time-eaters. (Do you really need to watch that much TV?) The hard part is knowing the difference between what’s important and what isn’t.

Focus sets a purposeful direction. Without direction, you can get off course and end up in places you never wanted to go. A typical day can be choked with 50 things to do. When your mind and efforts are scattered like that, nothing gets done well. Also, People are naturally more motivated when they have a clear sense of purpose. 


Reasons You Can't Focus

You're Not Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep is very important. It helps us recharge, gives the brain a chance to exercise neuronal connections, and provides our bodies time to repair muscles and replace chemicals. So, when we're not getting the right amount of sleep, everything suffers, particularly, the mind takes the brunt of it. You will find it very difficult to remain focused on anything because your brain isn't only tired, it's confused.

You Surround Yourself with Distractions

Today's teenagers will interact with three different technologies at the same time without any kind of problem. It's just a way of life. But that’s no way to focus. We hear the phone beep, and are compelled to check it. We see something come on the TV in the background, and our attention shifts. We should get into the habit of turning off everything we do not require when a job is to be done.

You Don’t have a Plan

 A plan is important if you would like to focus. Whether it's as simple as making a list before you head to the market, or it's building a whole set of schematics and directions for some project, make sure you have a plan. That way, you'll concentrate on each step, and not on the entire project, which may become overwhelming.

You're Not Getting Enough Exercise

Exercise spikes brain growth, boosts hormones, reduces stress, fights anxiety and depression. All of these are factors which will affect our focus and concentration. So, get some exercise. You can start slow, by taking the stairs every day instead of the elevator.

You Are Working in a Messy Environment

Clutter and mess might not bother you, but they will still be a distraction for your mind. Whether your desk is filled with toys and games or old soda bottles, the end result is the same - you have something else to focus on other than the task at hand. So, clean it up.

You May Have ADHD

Do you have trouble paying attention to people, and following instructions? Are you often irritable? Do you have a lot of trouble relaxing? Are you restless, constantly moving around?Do you have trouble prioritizing tasks? These are all possible symptoms of adult ADHD, and if you have it, you are going to have major problems focusing on the task at hand. Talk to your doctor if you think you may be suffering from adult ADHD, and he or she may be able to prescribe something to help.

You Aren't Eating or Drinking Properly

Along with sleep and exercise, the body needs fuel. And similar to any machine, your body will have issues if it's not given the right fuel. If you're dehydrated, your mind will wander and your body will weaken. You need to feed your body, and brain, the nutrients they need to function at their best.

You Are Way Too Stressed

Stress is not good for your body, or your mind. You may not be able to eliminate the reason for stress completely, but you can find ways to lower the strain they cause. Yoga, meditation, more sleep, better food, and more time off, are all ways to help reduce stress in our lives.

3 ways to focus:

• Shut off distractions

We’ve gotten so used to constant distractions that focus has become much harder to come by and a rather rare experience. When you attempt to focus on something, you will begin to notice how many distractions arise. They are even more when you’re trying to work on something you aren’t as excited about.

In order to be able to focus, you’ve got to shut off as many distractions as possible such as our phones, the number of unnecessary tabs on the laptop, declutter messy workplace, etc.

• Have a plan

Preplan your project. Spend time prioritizing and thinking through how you want to use your time before you start. Distractions creep in easily when you don’t have a plan. When you know what your one thing is for that time period, it is much easier to focus.

With your attention divided you won’t be able to excel at anything. If you want to be more productive, you need to focus on one task at a time.

• Set a timeframe

If you want to be more productive, you need to focus for a designated amount of time. Having a clear vision for what needs to be done in a block of time helps to eliminate other possible distractions.

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