Logical Thinking

Logical Thinking

Logical Thinking

PUBLISH DATE 6th May 2020

Do you ever wish you had the ability to solve problems effectively? For that you will have to improve your thinking patterns in order to be more logical. Logical thinking! You might have heard this phrase many times before, but do you really know what it indicates? Logical thinking is to think on the basis of knowledge, facts and evidence, what we know, and what we can prove. Keeping your brain sharp is vital as your brain has the ability to rewire itself throughout your whole life by a process called neuroplasticity. From engaging in mental exercises, recognizing irrational thoughts, and making lifestyle changes there are many ways to help work on thinking more logically.

How to Train Your Brain to Think Logically:

Mental exercises – Just like our body, our mind needs exercise in order to function better.

  1. Check your recall: A great way to give your brain an exercise is to test your recall. Throughout the day, see how many details of a given moment, book, or task you can remember.
  2. Do crossword puzzles: Crossword puzzles force you to push your brain a little beyond its capabilities, which triggers the regrowth of brain nerve cells.
  3. Learn a new talent: Learning something new requires a lot of logical thinking. From devising strategies that help you learn to undertake challenging tasks; you use logic and strategy to amass new skills.
  4. Change up your routine: Experiencing new things helps the brain stay active, which can help you become a more logical thinker.


• Recognizing Irrationality

  1. Recognize how you catastrophize: Which means assuming the worst possible outcome for a given event. Try to recognize when you are catastrophizing a moment and instead recognize the fact that everyone is made of both good and bad qualities.
  2. Stay away from self-glorifying thoughts: Having an unrealistic sense of self-importance is just as bad. Try to combat feelings of grandiosity by reminding yourself that while it's important to feel good about yourself you need to acknowledge the hard work and contributions of others as well.


• Changing Your Lifestyle

  1. Eat brain food: The food you consume has a deep impact on your brain power. Always strive for a healthy diet, rich in brain food.
  2. Improve your sleep schedule: Getting a solid 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night can increase brain power and promote logical thinking.
  3. Exercise frequently: Physical exercise has a profound effect on cognitive abilities. In addition to being great for the body, a daily exercise routine can boost your mind's capacity for logic.
  4. Take breaks: People tend to see downtime as an indulgence. However, this is not the case. Taking the occasional break is significant for your brain's ability to process information.


Human beings are by design emotional creatures. Everyone is irrational in some way or another. If you feel that you are always reacting rather than thinking things through, start practicing taking "breaks" before answering or reacting in situations. If you're feeling highly emotional at the time, hold off on making any large or important decisions as your emotion could influence the result. This will give you time to think about the best way to react, think deeply and seriously about the consequences of your choices before you make them, weighing the pros and cons - this can help stop you from making any impulsive, emotional choices.

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