How to keep track of your Studies?

How to keep track of your Studies?

How to keep track of your Studies?

PUBLISH DATE 20th April 2020

Procrastination- the one thing every student does no matter what neglecting their studies and thereby losing the track of it. Being a student myself, who is a sports enthusiast and love to play games I often tend to lose focus from my studies. If someone even hinted at any of those interests, I might easily get distracted and take my focus faraway from studies. And that’s exactly what happened! Result? I had fun, exercise and got opportunities to socialize. All sounds well? No. within the midst of these adventures, I ended up falling behind my study timetable and will not prepare well for my next class. However, if you're among those that easily get distracted and are unable to form your way back to studies, give your priorities a thought.Here are some simple study tips to assist you stay focused:

1. Set study goals

First things first; start with the basics and set your study targets. Ask yourself why you are here. Having fun is certainly one answer, but not the first one. Knowing your objectives completes half the job.

2. Make a study timetable

Once you recognize what you would like, subsequent step is to organize a weekly study timetable. Set a routine for everything. Your timetable could include the time you ought to attend bed, the time you ought to have your meals, and – most significantly – the time you ought to spend on studies. There is no hard and fast rule and you ought to in fact allow some flexibility counting on how things go. But establishing a routine is important, and do attempt to stick with your study timetable as best as you can.

3. Learn to say no

Now, I’m not asking you to offer up all of your social activities, but you've got to require some bold steps. If you eat out daily, it's better to limit this to at least one day per week, which can save yourself some money also. If you go for the movies, limit yourself to once a fortnight. If someone is asking you to accompany them to hang-out at the mall once you know you ought to be studying, tell them you’re busy – and allow them to know when would be a better time. In short: learn to say no once you know you actually should.

4. Stay focused on your priorities

Self-help is the key here. No one else goes to prevent you from doing what you would like, but you’re the one who will face the results if you fail to satisfy your targets. Remember you're studying for a reason, and if that reason is lost nothing else will fit well within the equation.

What I do suggest to stay focused is keep a diary. You can write all your study goals and priorities in it and when you have spare time (while waiting for the train or travelling and before going to bed), take a thorough look at them. You could do an equivalent, or maybe paste some posters on your room’s wall. Doing these things will certainly help you keep track of your studies.