Curious about space? Wanting to be an ASTRONAUT?

Curious about space? Wanting to be an ASTRONAUT?

Curious about space? Wanting to be an ASTRONAUT?

PUBLISH DATE 5th May 2020

Space is that the unbounded three-dimensional extent during which objects and events have relative position and direction. Physical area is commonly planned in 3 linear dimensions, though fashionable physicists sometimes think about it, with time, to be a part of an unbounded multidimensional time called spacetime. The construct of the area is taken into account to be of basic importance to associate degree understanding of the physical universe. However, disagreement continues between philosophers over whether or not it's itself an associate degree entity, a relationship between entities, or a part of an abstract framework.

Interesting Facts about Space

Space does not begin at a specific altitude above the Earth, but the Kármán line at 100 km is a commonly used definition.

The temperature in the void of space is about −270.45 °C.

Space is a hard vacuum, meaning it is a void containing very little matter.

The space between galaxies is not completely empty but has an average of one atom per cubic meter.

There are an estimated 100-400 billion stars in our galaxy, the Milky Way.

The universe is observed to be 13.8 billion years old and has been expanding since its formation in the Big Bang.

In the observable universe there are an estimated 2 trillion (2,000,000,000,000) galaxies.

So far, the Indian agency hasn’t sent astronauts into space. But it will change soon! The first Indian crewed space mission is scheduled in December 2021. Do you want to be an ISRO astronaut? First, make sure that you are eligible for the future missions of the Indian space agency.

REQUIREMENT: You have to be an Indian citizen to become an ISRO astronaut, You can be either a man or a woman, so far, ISRO didn’t communicate about the age rank required to become an astronaut.

Physical And Medical Requirements To Become An ISRO Astronaut

ISRO doesn’t communicate yet about the height range of its future astronauts.

There are no indications either about the weight you must reach to become an ISRO astronaut, but consider that astronauts have to be in good shape according to their gender and their age.

Also, ISRO doesn’t communicate yet about medical requirements. Consider that ISRO will expect Indian astronauts to have a perfect visual acuity (surgery might be permitted), normal blood pressure and a satisfactory medical history.

Education To Become An ISRO Astronaut

So far, as the very first crewed space mission of India is scheduled in December 2021, ISRO prefers to select Indian Air Force pilots. Indeed, each nation with a manned spaceflight program started with experienced pilots.

Consider that in the future, ISRO will probably really open its astronaut program to common people with a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university, either in engineering, physics, mathematics, computer science, chemistry or biology (STEM field). But a higher university degree (master degree or PhD) in aerospace engineering or aeronautical engineering will probably be of added value in the future Indian astronaut selections.

Professional Experience To Become An ISRO Astronaut

As 2021 space mission will be the very first crewed mission of the Indian space agency, ISRO Chairman said that even if 2019’s applications are technically opened to everyone, preference will be given to experienced Indian Air Force pilots. For years, being an IAF pilot will be the best way to make sure you have the professional experience required because it proves you are mentally and physically able to be part of a space mission, which shortens the training period.

But in the future, like in other space agencies, ISRO will have enough space experience and will probably want to hire astronauts outside the IAF. Valuable working experience in science, engineering/aerospace engineering, medicine, biology or computer science will probably be required by the Indian space agency. And a working experience for ISRO will probably be the best. To join ISRO, you need to clear the Joint Entrance Exam which is held by the IITs (Indian Institutes of Space Science and Technology).

Other Skills And Requirements

Spoken languages: a perfect level in English is required as astronauts cooperate with foreign peoples, either on Earth or in space. Other languages like Russian will probably be assets.

Flying experience: for the first manned spaceflight of the Indian space agency, astronauts must be experienced Air Force pilots. Perhaps it will be the same for the few next missions. In the future, the flying experience probably won’t be required but it will still be an obvious asset.

Psychological requirements : so far, ISRO only selects experienced Air Force pilots not only because of their flying experience, but also for their psychological strengths. Consider that if you want to become an astronaut, you will have to fulfil the same expectations: the ability to multitask, ability to keep your calm under emergency situations, and great observational capabilities.

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