DOON UNIVERSITY Admission (2018-19)

DOON UNIVERSITY Admission (2018-19)

DOON UNIVERSITY Admission (2018-19)

DOON UNIVERSITY Admission (2018-19)

Admission Details:

For Minimum Eligibility for admission to the Masters' / Integrated Programmes offered by various Schools shall be as follows:

Eligibility criteria are mentioned in the Admission prospectus. Download prospectus here

Download Prospectus here for Admission 2018-19 


A State University of Uttarakhand Government

UGC 2 (f) & 12 (B) approved,  NAAC accredited

Admission Announcement- Session 2018-19



Academic Programme


Environment and Natural Resources

M.Sc. Environmental Science  (2 years)


M.Sc. Environmental Science with Natural Resource Management (2 years)


M.Tech. Environmental Technology (2 years)


Ph.D. Environmental Science (3-6 years)


Media & Communication  Studies

B.A. (Hons) /Integrated M.A. in Media and Communication Studies  (3+2 years)


Masters in Media and Communication Studies (2 years)


Ph.D. Media & Communication  Studies (3-6 years)



M.B.A. (2 years)


B. Com. (Hons) (3 years) (Self-Financed)


BBA/Integrated MBA (3+2 years) (Self-Financed)


Ph.D. Management (3-6 years)


Social Sciences

B.Sc. Hons/Integrated M.Sc. Economics (3 + 2 years)


M.A. Economics (2 years)



B.A. (Hons) / Integrated Chinese/German/Spanish/Japanese/French (3 +2 years)


M.A. Chinese/German/Spanish/Japanese/French (2 years) (Lateral entry)


B.A. Hons English (3 years),


M.A. English (2 years)


Certificate in Chinese/ German/ Spanish/ Japanese/French ( 1year) (Self-Financed)



Masters in Computer Application (M.C.A.) (3 years) (Self-Financed)


Masters in Computer Application (M.C.A.) (2 years) (Lateral Entry) (Self-Financed)


Physical Sciences

B.Sc./M.Sc. (Integrated) Physics/Chemistry/ Mathematics/ Computer Science (3+2 years)


M.Sc. Mathematics ( 2 years) (Self-Financed)


M.Sc. Physics (specialization in Optoelectronics) (2 years)


Ph.D. Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics (3-6 years)


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