Top College in Maharashtra

Top College in Maharashtra

University Department of Chemical Technology, Aurangabad
University Department of Chemical Technology, Aurangabad
Location Aurangabad
Type Government-Aided
Bachelor of Architecture

 Bachelor of Architecture

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University Department of Chemical Technology, Aurangabad

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University Campus, Aurangabad

 +91-0240-2403399, 2400431

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Category CAP-IV 2018
OP Rank CL Rank
OPEN 17317 30582
OBC 51153 51153
VJ 68830 97366
SC 78174 78174
NT2 19610 69495
TFWS 25294 25294
PWDC 31459 31459
ST 92818 92818
DEFS 90147 90147

DTE CODE 2021 & College Status- University Department, Non-Autonomous, Non-Minority

  In the first quarter of 18th Century, Marathwada become part of Nizam’s Domain.   To reward of long and distinguished career in war and politics, Aurangzeb appointed his general, Asif Jah as subhedar of Deccan in 1713 with the title of Nizam-Ul-Mulk, which become the hereditary little of the family.  It remained a part of the Nizam Domain until 1948 when police action merged the Hyderabad State into the Indian Union.Marathwada is a division of Maharashtra state in India.  Aurangabad Division popularly known as Marathwada.  It was basically founded as a military camp and a seat subhedar in Deccan.  Later on it was developed as a big trading town and a lending cultural center of the Deccan, Aurangabad is an ancient city with great historical tradition.  It was a part of Nizam’s territory.  After the police action in 1948, Aurangabad come under the jurisdiction the Government of Indian and on the reorganization of the state in 1956 the Marathwada became a part of bilingual state of Bombay and from 1st May 1960 Marathwada has been a part of the state of Maharashtra.