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What after 10th board exam

PUBLISH DATE 17th May 2019

This article would attempt to concentrate on the criteria for picking the right stream after class tenth so students are in a superior position to take better career decision.


The way toward picking the stream effectively is an art. Here are some essential advances that students ought to pursue before touching base at a determination and picking a stream.


More than 16 lacs students have shown up for CBSE Class tenth board examinations this year, results of which are probably going to be reported 06th May 2019. This is when students feel apprehensive and on the edge which is very normal as Class tenth or Matriculation is the venturing stone of one's profession.


It fills in as a base on which scholarly and proficient professions are based upon. One must draw a solid arrangement for further investigations at this basic crossroads which will thusly decide the course of one's expert life.


A standout amongst the most urgent inquiries that emerge among students now is, "What after Class tenth?" Numerous choices are accessible nowadays for students to excel in studies, additionally encouraging better profession prospects. Every alternative has its own potential and focal points. For instance, picking Commerce stream in +2 will enable you to assemble a decent profession in divisions like-Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretary, Stock Broking and Investment Analyst, etc. Essentially Science stream additionally offers magnificent openings for work.


In this manner, picking the correct stream after registration ends up a standout amongst the most significant choices of one's life. However, There is a ton of outer pressure and expectations coursing a lot of disarrays. The decision ought to be made on what one enjoys and what one is great at. An understudy should take this choice shrewdly remembering his/her capacity.

One's decision, aptitude and the marks got in registration ought to be the criteria to choose a stream. It is imperative to take note of that however marks are an impression of one's capacities, yet they ought not to be the sole explanation behind picking a stream.

1. Aptitude and Interest:

This is the initial phase in picking a stream. It includes distinguishing one's advantage and understanding one's strengths, qualities and identity. Numerous students don't give sufficient significance to this step. However, choosing a stream dependent on your advantage and inclination makes learning an agreeable and smooth issue. 


You should be realist while settling on a decision with respect to streams after the tenth. On the off chance that you are great at Economics, picking Commerce and not Science will be advantageous for you. Your real enthusiasm for the stream will make the learning process fun and you will observe your expert life to energize.


Playing out an undertaking that is your obsession will guarantee that you never feel exhausted, and in truth, you will probably work better, in such a circumstance. Be that as it may, simply knowing insights regarding your bent and qualities won't be of any utilization until you pursue the second step.


2. Exploring and knowing the streams back to front:

Thinking about your inclination, identity and strength aren't sufficient. You likewise should know insights regarding the stream that suits you the most. While investigating a stream you should discover subtleties like significant subjects, training sheets, profession ways accessible, degree and trouble level.


Take for instance Science Stream-list significant subtleties, for example, subjects present, bunches inside the stream (Mathematics and Biology gatherings, on account of science stream), the dimension of trouble, sorts of examinations (reasonable just as composed, aggressive exams, etc, etc. You may take help of your educators or senior students, who are seeking after that specific stream.


3. Research career prospects:

Your energy about a course ought not to be the main criteria for your stream choice. Similarly significant is to discover the profession prospects related to a specific course. You can do this through online research, counselling your educators, profession instructors, taking the assistance of your seniors, making field trips, and so forth.

In the event that the career prospects are not all that splendid, it is smarter to drop the possibility of seeking after that course and its related stream. For this situation, you ought to pick another intrigue, locate a coordinating course, again do the examination part and may continue with the suitable stream after registration.

Each understudy has a one of a kind arrangement of characteristics, abilities, qualities and shortcomings and subsequently it's imperative to take one of a kind choice for each understudy. Give us now a chance to take a gander at the real streams that are accessible after class tenth. Every one of these prompts diverse career scopes. Give us a chance to break down them separately.



With the fast development in economy, professions in fund and records have increased the gigantic prevalence and in this way business stream has risen as a standout amongst the most prevalent decisions among students in India. The centre subjects instructed in trade stream are Economics, Accountancy and Business Study.

Students can take discretionary subjects like Mathematics, Informatics Practices, Physical Education, and so on alongside the significant subjects. In the trade stream, the understudy needs to choose 6 subjects including one mandatory language. This stream prompts a worthwhile career with attractive pay bundle and regarded employments like a graphed bookkeeper, organization secretary, business the board, banking, bookkeepers and money related counsellor, and so on.



Science is the most well-known stream for Indian students. It goes about as a stage for many orders like Medicine, Computer Science, Defense, Engineering, and Agricultural Science, Plant Pathology, Evolutionary Biology, etc. Science Streams can be comprehensively characterized into two classifications. – an) Engineering (PCM) and b) Medical (PCB).


Engineering (PCM) or Non-Medical Line :

For those of you who are keen on building or non-restorative line can choose science subjects with PCM (material science, science and arithmetic) as their real subjects and 2 different subjects of their decision. Maths in class eleventh and twelfth clears your approach to build schools like IITs, NITs and different esteemed foundations the nation over.

There has been a pattern in the nation where a ton of guardians power their kids into the non-medicinal stream, imagining that the building will be the best profession choice for them. It appears that doing building nowadays has turned into a style and everybody is by all accounts joining this fleeting trend without breaking down their capacities.

However, it ought to be noticed that there are other profession choices additionally that give a chance to rise to career development and social notoriety as building does. What is increasingly significant is to break down your abilities and act likewise, rather that following a group of similarly invested individuals.


b) Medical (PCB):

This flood of science gives a brilliant profession chance to the individuals who are keen on life-sciences just as the individuals who are truly propelled about finding something new for human life. Picking significant subjects as PCB (material science, science and science) offers you a chance to progress in the therapeutic field. This field requires in a great deal of earnestness and diligent work.

Subsequent to taking PCB in +2 you can show up for different aggressive tests and browse a lot of seminars based on your advantage and rate. At graduation level you can settle on MBBS, BDS, nursing, a course in biotechnology, veterinary investigations, measurable sciences just as different courses identified with the human body just as human environment.



The flood of Arts or Humanities offers the amplest extent of a career with energizing chances. Subjects, for example, History, Geography, Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, Anthropology, Human Resources, Journalism, Literature, Religion, Performing Arts and substantially more comprise this stream. Students need to likewise pick two language subjects among which English is a mandatory language subject. Hindi and Sanskrit are discretionary language subjects, students need to pick one out of them.

This stream is an extraordinary sea of information profiting students in every single imaginable way. There are wide alternatives for craftsmanship students to begin their career. It likewise opens the entryway forpined for common administrations tests for turning into an IAS, IPS, IFS officer. This stream requires scholarly control alongside a diagnostic, basic and theoretical investigation of human condition dependent on different procedures.


Some other profession alternatives after tenth are :

Certificate Courses :

Certificate courses are great alternatives for students searching for fast employments after registration. Cost adequacy, employments inside brief time length, the scope for advanced education and profession, and so on are a portion of the benefits of Diploma courses. Certificate holders are additionally enlisted as Junior Engineer in railroads, focal/state divisions or PSU.

Developing work experience makes it simpler for advancements to higher occupation assignments. These courses offer more accentuation of down to earth sessions as opposed to the hypothesis. It is very reasonable for students to demonstrate their competency for mechanical occupations. Term of recognition courses is three years. They additionally go about as a passage to designing courses, allowing you the chance to join to the second year of building course, and consequently sparing one scholarly year.

Rivalry level for a certificate to a degree is less savage than twelfth to Engineering course. These Polytechnic Courses can be in different subjects.


Some of the fundamental courses are:

  1. Diploma in Automobile Engineering
  2. Diploma in Agricultural Engineering
  3. Diploma in Architecture Assistantship
  4. Diploma in Biomedical Biotechnology
  5. Diploma in Business Administration
  6. Diploma in Civil Engineering
  7. Diploma in Chemical Engineering
  8. Diploma in Computer Engineering
  9. Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering
  10. Diploma in Apparel Design
  11. Diploma in Ceramic Technology
  12. Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  13. Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering
  14. Diploma in Electrical and Telecommunication Engineering
  15. Diploma in Fashion Design
  16. Diploma in Leather Technology
  17. Diploma in Garment Technology
  18. Diploma in Handloom Technology
  19. Diploma in Information Technology
  20. Diploma in Interior Decoration
  21. Diploma in Instrumentation Technology
  22. Diploma in Production & Industrial Engineering
  23. Diploma in Leather Technology
  24. Diploma in Library and Information Science
  25. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  26. Diploma in Mechatronics
  27. Diploma in Marine Engineering
  28. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  29. Diploma in Medical Lab Technology
  30. Diploma in Plastic Technology
  31. Diploma in Textile Technology (Knitting/Weaving/Spinning)
  32. Diploma in Textile Design
  33. Diploma in Textile Processing
  34. Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  35. Diploma in Electronics & Communication Engineering
  36. Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering

ITI Courses :

ITI or Industrial Training Institute Courses have become one of the most widespread guides after matriculation in our country as they provide a promising career. ITI covers Training packages in extra than 130 exclusive specializations. The courses are designed in a way to impart fundamental abilities in the trade specified. The minimum duration for diverse ITI Courses variety from six months to two years. Upon of completion of the education, trainees write the All India Trade Test and successful applicants then acquire the National Trade Certificate.

Some of the pinnacle ITI guides are:

  1. Architectural Draughtsmanship
  2. Baker and Confectioner
  3. Computer Operator and Programming Assistant
  4. Electrician Interior Decoration and Designing
  5. Mechanic (Diesel)
  6. Mechanic Computer Hardware
  7. Mechanical Fitters
  8. Mechanic (Motor Vehicle)
  9. Network Technician
  10. Surveyor
  11. Turner

Defence Services:

After matriculation, students can be part of the Indian Army with the post of soldiers thru written assessments like Indian Army Soldier Technical (M.E.R.) Examination, Indian Army Soldier Clerks Examination, Indian Army Soldier General Duty (N.E.R.) Examination and many more. Indian Navy additionally gives process possibilities like Dock Yard Apprentices, Sailors, and so forth to students.