WBBSE Madhyamik exams 2018 begins today

PUBLISH DATE 12th March 2018

The West Bengal Board of Secondary Examination (WBBSE) will conduct the Madhyamik examination 2018 from March 12. This year, as many as 11,02,921 students will sit for their class 10 examination which will end on March 21. Last year, the number of candidates who had appeared last year was 1071846.

Due to last year’s question leak, the WBBSE has introduced stringent measures. The students will not be allowed to enter the examination venue with any electronic gadgets including mobile phones. Besides, invigilators will also have to deposit their cell phones with the headmaster of their respective institutions.

The question papers will be allowed to open at 11:40, five minutes prior to their distribution to the examinees. Students will be given their question papers by 11:45 and they can only write their papers from 12 pm to 3 pm.

The question paper packets have been fitted with a microchip, which will send an alert to its server as soon as the seal is broken. West Bengal Board of Secondary Education President Kalyanmoy Ganguly told reporters that the microchip will be put on a sticker on the sealed envelope containing the question papers.

“The specially designed envelopes will be GPS-enabled, enclosed by a seal. If the seal is broken, the data will be passed on to the central server at the control room at the Board office here,” Ganguly said.

This year, the number of girls appearing for the examination this year is 6,21,266 which is much higher than the boys (4,81,555). The number of examination centres in the state is 2,819.

Last minute tips

— Time management: Don’t spend too much time in answering a question. If you are stuck somewhere, skip that question and attempt those you are confident of. Attend the rest questions towards the end when you have time left.

— Do not panic: Do not ponder over the topics you are weak in or have left. Concentrate on the areas you are confident about and maintain your calm throughout the exam.

— Maintain a positive frame of mind: Keeping a positive attitude is very much required and beneficial. It not only boosts up your morale but also help you answer questions in the best possible way.

— Don’t compare answers: After your paper is over, avoid going and discussing the same with your peers. This is so because in case you find your answer incorrect, it may demoralise you and may make you anxious. This in return may affect your next exam’s preparation.

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