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Higher Education

University to retain agency for online assessment

PUBLISH DATE 29th September 2017

Mumbai University has finally conceded to having lost an unprecedented 1,600 answersheets with all attempts to trace them proving futile, reports Yogita Rao.

At the Board of Exami nations meeting held on Thursday , the university decided to give average marks of the scores in the remaining subjects to all the affected students.

“While giving average marks in a missing paper is a regular practice, the numbers were never so high,“ said a principal, requesting anonymity . The university has decided to form a committee to frame the rules. TOI was the first to report that the proposal of giving average marks to students was being considered if all attempts to trace the papers failed.Exams of these students were held in April-May .

On September 10, the university claimed the answersheets of a few thousand students were `physically or logistically' missing.The administration had mobilized all its resources to trace the missing papers. “We have managed to trace about 1,000 papers, but 1,600 are still missing,“ said an official statement issued by MU.

In another jolt to students and teachers, the university has decided to continue with the same agency , MeritTrac, to carry out the online assessment process.“The university had engaged them for a year. Also, they are now familiar with the complexities involved in conducting the exam.Hiring a new agency could only lead to more confusion,“ said a Board of Examinations member.Acting director (examinations and evaluations), Arjun Ghatule, said the process of making necessary changes in the software would start soon to resolve the problems encountered this time.

Teachers are apprehensive about the appointment of the same agency . “We have to look at online solutions in the future, but continuing with the same agency could prove to be a disaster,“ said a teacher. In the upcoming November-December season, MU is set to conduct 452 exams, which will be taken by 4.25 lakh students. In all, 15 lakh answersheets will have to be assessed online.