Higher Education

Higher Education


PUBLISH DATE 30th June 2017

DEHRADUN: Higher education minister Dhan Singh Rawat has asked officers to ensure that Aadhaar numbers are linked with college admissions in the upcoming academic session.

“Linking Aadhaar with admissions will help us create a database of students and prevent duplication of admissions,” Rawat told Hindustan Times, adding that it would be made compulsory from this session onwards. Fresh admissions to colleges had started in mid-June.

Director of higher education BC Malkani said the authorities had no mechanism to ensure that a student does not take multiple admissions in the years gone by. “Back then, we dealt with such incidents only after receiving complaints. Now, with Aadhaar being made mandatory in all colleges, we will be able to track student records and avoid this problem,” he said.

The Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), the student wing of the ruling BJP government in the state, supported Malkani’s view. “In one such case, a student was admitted to the Gauchar degree college. However, he took admission to DAV College without withdrawing that. There are various instances of students availing of multiple admissions with the intention of getting more than one degree,” said ABVP state president Ramakant Srivastava.

There are 99 government colleges and 17 aided institutes in the state, of which only 28 offer post-graduation degrees. An estimated 1.25 lakh students are enrolled in these institutes.

Officials say linking Aadhaar numbers to admissions will also help them uncover student profiles in later stages. “Also, we can keep track of students even after they leave college, and easily check if they have landed jobs,” Malkani added.

However, not everybody seemed ecstatic about the new initiative. “Why does he (Rawat) want to create this database? Unless he can assure employment opportunities to all students linked with Aadhaar, there’s no purpose of this exercise,” said Swati Negi, national delegate of the Congress-backed National Students’ Union of India.