Tanmay Bakshi: Age 14yr, teacher, IBM programmer, TEDx speaker and author

PUBLISH DATE 6th October 2018

Artificial Intelligence does not exist, so there cannot be courses on it, says 14-year-old youngest programmer Tanmay Bakshi. “People get confused between Machine learning or programming with Artificial Intelligence. AI is a technology which is developing and will take a decade to evolve.”

A cognitive developer, TEDx Speaker, author, teacher, Tanmay’s journey to the world of programming started with his aspiration to control the computer. “As a child, I was fascinated with this machine and its operations. Looking at this curiousity, my father taught me programming and I slowly got involved in it. I have started with basic programming language, and slowly started cracking C, C++, Java,” said he. Tanmay’s father Puneet Bakshi was a computer programmer for years.

At the age of seven, Tanmay had set-up a channel — Tanmay teaches —where he provides magic of decoding programming and also talks about careers on it. “Programming is a very good career opportunity, as developing a language is an art in itself. Any techology company needs a programmer and a best in the field can grab a fat pay package.” The channel has around 2.8 lakh subscribers.

Tanmay also praised Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ initiative. “India is already a place for emerging companies and start-ups, and various universities including IITs, and other national institutes are now offering more practical based courses,” Bakshi said.

The young boy, who left India when he was just one-years-old, wants to apply his resources to uplift the education and medical sector of the country. “Like Google CEO Sundar Pichai, and others, I also want to use my resources to help country to move forward.”

The 14-year-old who is now in grade 10 and aspires to pursue programming from either Stanford University or Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Apart from programming, the boy loves to read science fictions and detective stories.

Bakshi was in India to attend an event organised by BPB publications at Amity University and Galgotias University, Noida.


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