Medical Admissions 2019-20

Medical Admissions 2019-20

Students & parents oppose 86% fee hike in MBBS course

PUBLISH DATE 11th May 2017

Claim 5-10% Was Agreed Upon Earlier

Youngsters from the city studying at the BKL Walawalkar Rural Medical College at Chiplun in Ratnigiri district and there are up in arms against the hike in MBBS course fee by 86%.

The parents said the hike was unprecedented as the institution had agreed to a 510% increase at the time of admission last year.

Around 150 parents have filed complaints against the college with the state Fee Regulatory Authority (FRA) that gave permission to hike the fees in two meetings held in a span of 15 days.

First, FRA agreed to a 22% hike and in the second meeting on May 4, FRA further permitted a hike by 86%.What is worse, parents have to pay the fees within 15 days of notice. On May 8, the college issued a notice, which stated that students who have taken admission to first year of MBBS course for 2016-17 academic year would have to pay fees as finalised by FRA on May 4. The finalised fee was Rs 7,25,000 and an ad hoc fee of Rs 4,09,000 was fixed by FRA before the start of the academic year. “The students are therefore requested to pay the balance fee within 15 days to the college,“ the notice said.

A parent said, “At the time of admission, the college had sought an undertaking from each parent that there would be a fee hike after the FRA revised the fee proposal. However, we were under the impression that the hike would be around 5 to 10%, which we were prepared for. But the hike is almost 86%, which is irrational.“

The parents in the complaint filed with FRA said, “With such a huge and unprecedented fee hike approved by FRA, we as parents feel cheated by the college and the government. We request the government for interim stay on the hike till FRA hears the parents and reverses the fee increase to a reasonable level.“

The parents also said that one of the reasons for taking admission at the Chiplun-based college was less fees, but the fee hike has come as a blow.

Meanwhile, college principal Pramod Bapat said, “The fees that the students paid at the time of taking admission were on an ad hoc basis, which the parents were fully aware of. The difference between the ad hoc fees and the revised fees by FRA seems so huge because the basic fee was very low. Also, the fee is decided by FRA, which we all have to follow.“