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Higher Education

Std XII marking guidelines won't affect state board

PUBLISH DATE 18th May 2017

The combined decision of states and boards to junk the `moderation policy' which may bring down Class XII scores is unlikely to affect state board students in Maharashtra. However, with the CBSE scores expected to drop by 10%, principals and students say it will be an unfair deal.

Officials from the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education said that the decision is unlikely to affect the scores of students who appeared for their HSC exams as the board did not have a moderation policy . “We never followed a moderation policy to tweak results. We always wanted to bring out the real picture even if it meant that our success rates varied each year. We never gave extra marks if a particular question was tough. So the decision taken by all boards is welcome and is not likely to affect the students in Maharashtra,“ said Gangadhar Mhamane, chairperson of the board.

However, CBSE school principals are worried for their students. “This is going to be a blow to our students. It will be an unfair disadvantage to CBSE students if other boards do not follow suit. The change should be enforced on every board and all the boards should be on the same page,“ said Avnita Bir, principal, R N Podar School, Santacruz. Students said they are unsure about what to expect. “We have been reading about the plans in the media but what impact it is likely to have on our individual scores is something we aren't clear about. Hopefully we do not lose out seats at places where we compete with students of other boards,“ said Kamal Vij, a class XII student.