Schoolchildren to display skills in robotics

PUBLISH DATE 20th August 2017

A ‘Lydnow’s Robopro meetup 2017’ is being held at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s auditorium on Sunday where school children will demonstrate skills in robotics and participate in team competitions around robotics. During the event at the auditorium on SB Road, from 12-3 pm, 15 teams of children in the 10-16 age group will participate in a competition around a gesture-controlled robot that can sumo wrestle with another of its kind.They will also participate in the ‘Galactic trooper’ event wherein a wired/wireless pick-and-place robot will perform tasks through an obstacle course and pick and deposit thermocol blocks along the way.

The competition is being held after a 200-hour curriculum under Lydnow’s Robotics and Automation workshops which train students in the age group of 10-16 years.

Students undergo five levels of training over a combined span of up to a year and half, and develop fundamental skill sets and knowledge base in electronics, mechanical designs and programming, progressively. During their training, students design and develop robots that can perform specific sets of tasks, without the use of any ready made components, both electronic and mechanical.

They design, develop and manufacture everything from scratch. The ‘Robopro’ event is a celebration of this achievement of students.

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