Higher Education

Higher Education


PUBLISH DATE 30th October 2017

Anushri Gupta, a PhD student of Queen Mary University of London, on her research in smart cities and education system abroad

Pursuing higher education in the UK has been a highly motivating and enriching experience for me. Presently, I am working as a PhD researcher in London. To begin with, I wasn't too keen on PhD, but it all began with a thirst for research and knowledge.

However, interest for PhD was created in me while pursuing my Masters in Electronic Engineering with Management from King's College, London. Whilst working on my Masters dissertation, I evidenced a striking difference between the educational system in UK and India.In the UK, the educational system calls for equality and respect for each other's perspectives on the research topic and to work togeth er as a team rather than merely dictating a previously laid path to be followed. Furthermore, in the UK, the academics are ex perts in their respective fields, always up-to-date with the latest trends. And more importantly, the research findings are not limited within the four walls of the academia but are shared on a global platform with great media presence. This active research environment encouraged me to select my career option as a researcher.

In addition, based on my Masters dissertation and other credentials, I received a fullyfunded PhD fellowship, and this is how I started my PhD in Queen Mary University of London on the topic 'Smart Cities'. As I mentioned earlier, the work environment is extremely friendly, encouraging and agile. Within the first six months of my research, I was given the opportunity to write two research papers for top international conferences. Both the papers got selected and in September 2017, I presented my papers to an international audience at both the conferences. Not only this but I am surprised to know that my research is gaining recognition and being appreciated by senior professors worldwide and I do receive emails from them with either a request to access my research paper, or to provide valuable feedback this is the equality which I was talking about at the beginning.

Further, after a year into the PhD programme, I got invaluable training by being assigned the role and responsibility of Teaching Associate, which involves teaching both graduate and post-graduate students.

I can certainly say that higher education in the UK has provided me with global exposure and training for a promising career ahead.