Board Exams

Board Exams

SSC: SCIENCE I & II Last Minute Tips

PUBLISH DATE 13th March 2019

Stress Free Examination

Board Master Stroke (SSC-X)- 2019


-Prof. Neelam Kulkarni

M.Sc. B.Ed . DIT, ACIT

Hello Students,

     I will be discussing some tips & tricks for perfect revision of science (I & II) before the examination. According to new question paper pattern, from this year (March 2019), S.S.C. board has introduced ‘activity sheets’ is the pattern and questions based on std. IX (9th) syllabus.

                There will be two papers of science I & II each of 40 marks on separate days of 2 hours duration. We will consider SCIENCE (paper1) in this article.


Includes five types of questions, objective type carrying one mark each. It may contain following types of objective questions-

  1. Fill in the blanks & rewrite the completed statements.
  2. Find odd one out & write it – It may be in the form of diagrams or pictures.
  3. Consider the relationship of the 1st pair & complete the second pair & rewrite it.
  4. Match the pairs
  5. differentiate between
  6. State the given statement – true or false
  7. Write  molecular formula



  1. Deacceleration is --------------acceleration

Ans- Negative

  1. Work done is zero when there is --------------------

Ans- No displacement of the object

  1. State the statement is true or false

                             1 dyne = 1gm * 1cm/s2

                             Ans – True

                     4.  Find odd one out & give reason (or justify) H2SO4, H2CO3, HCL, HNO3

                           Ans – H2CO is odd because all other acids are strong acids.


  1. [For the above questions- 1 mark for each correct answer. It the questions are read with cool mind, you will answer correctly & secure all marks.]


Q.1(B)-Includes five multiple choice questions (MCQS)- 1 mark each

  • Three questions will be based on practical work & two questions on projects.

Q.1)in biogas plant----------------gas is obtained.

a) methane

b) ethane

c) CO

d) O2

Ans- In biogas plant methane gas is obtained. (a)

[One mark for each correct answer]


Q.2- It contains 7 questions of 2 mark each, only 5 questions to be solved, two correct points are expected, carrying one mark each.

The types of questions asked are- Solve numerical problems, write notes, write chemical reactions with equations, Complete the flowchart, differentiate between, write properties/advantages/effects - at least 4 correct points are expected.


Aditi saw small droplets on the outer surface of cold water bottle, which she kept out of fridge10 minutes ago. She asked the reason to her, what is reason teacher gave to her?


When air outside the cold surface, becomes condensed or saturated, water vapors are formed. The excess water vapors are converted into small droplets.

[for correct explanation 2 marks, the proper explanation is essential]

Question- If a ball falls off a table & reaches the ground in one second, if g=10m/sfind height of the table

Data (given) -      time (t)=1sec


                                         height of the table?

According to newton’s 2nd law of motion, for free fall,

Formula-   S = 1/2g t

                        = 1/2  × 10×(1)2

                     =10/2× 1


Height of the table is 5m.

[correct formula- ½ mark, correct method to solve the numerical with correct unit- 1 ½ marks]


Q.3 - It includes 7 questions of 3 marks each, out of 7 question 5 questions are to be solved. Types of questions can be-

  1. Write explanation using given statement.
  2. Suggest remedies/ measures.
  3. Explanation of the diagram.
  4. Complete the table/ flow chart
  5. Explain with the help of examples- e.g. -chemical reaction
  6. Solve numerical problems.
  7. Complete the diagram.
  8. Answer questions based of figures.
  9. Write laws, theory with explanation.


What is short circuit? Write its effect?

  1. Ans- when phase wire & neutral wire gets connected with each other, it results in short circuit.
  2. Effect- as phase wire & neutral wire gets connected, resistance at that point suddenly decreases & huge amount of current flows through the point.
  3. Due to the large amount of heat produced creating sparks that may set into fire,

[Correct 3 points- 1 mark each]


  1. Questions- If an element has its electronic configuration is 2, 8, 2; answer the following questions- a) What is the group of the element? b) To which period it belongs?

c) With which of the elements, the element will resemble? N(7), Be(4), Ar(18), cl(17)

(Atomic number in brackets)

  1. Answer- Electronic configuration is 2,8,2
  1. The element belongs to group 2
  2. The element belongs to period 3
  3. The element resembles Be(4)

As the electronic configuration is 2,2. The outermost orbit has 2 electrons,

i.e. same as that of the given element

[For each correct answer- 1 mark each]

  1. Question-
  1. Will your weight remain constant as you go above the surface of earth?
  2. If you are standing on a tall ladder & if your distance from the center of the earth is 2R, what will be your weight?

R1= Distance of earth from center.

W2= Weight at distance R1

W1=GMm/R12[G,M,m are constants]

=GMm/(2R1)2[R1= 2R]


=1/4 W

W1= 1/4 W

∴ At a given distance , weight will be 1/4 the weight on earth.

                            [correct formula- 1-mark, correct answer written in a format – 1 mark]

  1. Question- Draw a neat labeled diagram of construction of compound microscope & find image formed.


Image result for compound microscope diagram

                    [correct ray diagram-1 mark, correct labeling -1-mark, final image – 1 mark]

     For question no 3 numerical are asked based on various formulae, so students should recall correctly. This will give full credit to them. Formulae that useful to solve the numerical.

  1. V= 2 π r/T
  2. Centripetal Force=MV2/r=ma
  3. F=Gm1 m2/r2     [G=8.7× 10-11 N.m2 .kg-2]
  4. V=u+at
  5. S=ut +1/2 at2
  6. V2= u2+2as
  7. M=w/g
  8. Gm=ge/6 (gm=moon)
  9. The gravitational potential energy of the body=GMm/R+H
  10. gravitational potential energy= - GMn/R


  1.  velosity1.jpg                 Escape velocity of a body from the earth.
  2.                 velosity2.jpg    g=1.67m/s2

R=1.74 106m

Escape velocity of a body from the moon


  1. P=VI  = V (V/R) = V2

R= V2/P

  1. P= I2R  I =P/V
  2. H= I2Rt
  3. 1/f=1/u+1/v
  4. h2/h1=v/u
  5. M=v/u
  6. The time required for the satellite to complete one revolution around the earth,

T=2 π

Question 4

It contains 2 questions of 5 marks each, out of which one is to be attempted. types of questions asked are

  1. Draw a well labeled diagram & explain
  2. Diagram may be given without labeling or with wrong labeling. Students should label the diagram correctly.
  3. Paragraph based questions.
  4. Detail explanation of question - verification of any activity of a law or properties, experimental
  5. Verification of a statement with diagram

 Question-1) Ramesh can’t see nearby objects clearly but distant objects are seen clearly.

  1. Which defect of vision is Ramesh facing?
  2. What about the converging power of his lens of eye?
  3. Draw labelled diagram of the defect of his eye ball & after correction of the defect.
  1. Ramesh is facing the defect called hypermetropia or farsightedness
  2. The converging power of Ramesh’s eye lens is reduced i.e. has become less
  3. Distant objects seen clearly

Image result for hypermetropia eye diagram





Hypermetropia is corrected by using a proper convex lens. Light rays are converged by the convex lens before they fall on retina & eye lens.

A convex lens of proper focal length is used to produce correct & required convergence. So after rectification & due to convergence of convex lens the image is formed on retina as shown in the diagram.

[correct name of defect- 1 mark, converging power of lens- 1 mark, hypermetropia eye its rectification with labeled diagram- 3 mark]


  • From this year, there will not be chapter wise distribution scheme.
  • The activity sheet will consist of the questions carrying marks up to 20%(i.e. 8marks)

Based on std 9th syllabus.


We will discuss the format of question paper & tips & tricks for science (paper II)

Q1 (A) 5 questions of 1 mark each

(B)5 questions of 1 mark each


Q1 (B) will be multiple choice questions (MCQ S)

Q1 (A) will include five questions with

Following types-

  1. Fill in the blanks & rewrite the completed statement
  2. Find odd one out & write it.
  3. Correlation between the statements
  4. Differentiate between (one point in one sentence)
  5. Match the following
  6. State the statement true or false.

Question - 





[Correct answer -1mark]

 2)  state the statement- true or false ‘peripatus’ is a connecting link between Aschelminthes & Annelida’

Ans- The statement is false, ‘peripatus’ is a connecting link between Annelida & Arthropoda.

[Correct answer -1mark]

3) Explain the term- Siamese twins

Ans- The twins that are born with some parts of body joined to each other are Siamese twins.


[Correct answer -1 mark]


Q 1 B- 5MCQS-

Choose the correct alternative & rewrite the statement – 5 marks

1)------------------phase shows a notch in the cytoplasm in between the equatorial (central) plane

  1. Prophase
  2. Metaphase
  3. Anaphase
  4. Cytokinesis
  5. Ans- Cytokinesis (d)

[Correct answer- 1 mark]

Question 2-  

It contains 7 sub questions of 2 marks each. Only 5 sub questions to be attempted. Types of questions can be asked-

  1. Write definition
  2. Write short notes on
  3. Complete the given in table
  4. Distinguish between
  5. Give scientific reasons
  6. Questions based on any incident

Question –

Write definition

  1. Translation

Ans- The process of movement of the ribosomes from m-RNA’S one end by the distance of triplet codon.

[Correct answer -1 marks]


  1. Coelom- Ans- the cavity between body wall & internal organs of higher animals, lined by mesodermal cellular lining.

[Correct answer – 1 mark]

Give scientific reason-

Que- Balanoglossus is a connecting link between Chordates & Non chordates.

Ans – Balanoglossus shows some characters of chordates & non chordates. It has notochord as in chordates. If shows gill slits as in non-chordates.

[Correct 2 Points- 1 Mark Each]


Question 3- There will be 7 questions, each with 3 marks, only five sub questions are to be solved. Types of questions asked can be

  1. Give explanation
  2. Suggest measures
  3. Diagram based questions
  4. Complete the paragraph.


Question-your friend is addicted to tobacco chewing. What will you do for your friend? Why?

Ans- The hazards of tobacco chewing will be explained to my friend with the help of different photograph & pamplets, videos will be also showing to explain the ill effects & oral cancer pictures will be shown to explain my friend how dangerous & threatening it is. If needed counselor’s help can be advised to get rid of the bad habit.


[Correct explanation with 3 points – 3 marks]