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SPPU students seeking transfers if college turns autonomous in a fix

PUBLISH DATE 19th August 2017

A student from a particular college affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) failing in the first year when the college gets autonomy or self-financed status has two options -take admission in the same institute and end up paying high fees, tackling a new curriculum and face other sea changes or obtain a transfer certificate and seek admission to another college affiliated to the university and gear up for uncertainty if there are no seats.

A notification to this effect has been issued by the varsity so that students do not suffer from the administrative changes in colleges.

Several colleges have got autonomy status and many have also changed their affiliation to become self-financed universities. The directorate of technical education has told all technical colleges to abide by this notification. But there is no clarification about what happens if the student chooses SPPU over the autonomous college and gets a transfer certificate but doesn't get admission in any college due to lack of vacancy.

“Till now, no student has come to me with any problem. If the student failed this year and wants admission next year in his own college that has become autonomous or has de-affiliated itself from us, they can go ahead and get admission after clearing requisite subjects,“ SPPU registrar Arvind Shaligram said.

“But if a student wants to continue with SPPU, then he will have to find out which college has a vacancy and only then can they take Shaligram added. Recently, the University Grants Commission had changed the rules which helped many colleges get autonomous status. Many more are in the process of getting autonomous status.The state government's move has also helped college managements opt for self-financed universities over SPPU.

Vice-chancellor N R Karmalkar said no student will suffer because of administrative decisions of the institution.

“If there are any such cases, we will look into them. If a student has taken admission in the first year in a college affiliated to SPPU and wants to continue with it despite his college turning autonomous or self-financed, he or she can approach the registrar's office with the application,“ Karmalkar said.

He assured that the registrar's office would work to explore all options and work out a solutions.