Board Exams

Board Exams

Rapid preparation for board for Physics

PUBLISH DATE 23rd February 2019

Rapid Rivision For Board (HSC 12th  SCIENCE) 


               ---Prof. Yogesh Deshpande


Hello friends!

It is your exam time and you are searching different ways to study the syllabus in short time. I would like to share some ideas to prepare Physics in short time with good efficiency.

                If you relate chapters of physics with each other then it would be very easy for you to study it in short time. Most basic chapter for physics is Circular motion which carries 4 marks but beyond that its concepts and formulae are used in other chapters ( like Gravitation, Rotational motion, Oscillations, Waves, stationary waves, interference and diffraction, MEEC, EMI and AC, AMN ), for example, 

  these formulae are used in almost all the chapters mentioned above. So you should remember these. If you study this chapter first it will give an edge to you in studying further chapters. After studying this chapter you should study chapters in groups given below. It will reduce your preparation time as well as increase your understanding of these topics.







Chapters with sequence  with  their  marks

i. circular motion --4

ii. Oscillations-5

iii. Wave motion-3

iv. Stationary waves-5

v. Wave theory of light-3

vi. Interference and Diffraction-4

i. Gravitation-3

ii. Electrostatics-3

iii. Current electricity-3

iv. Magnetic effects of electric current--3

v. Magnetism-3

vi. EMI and AC-4

i. Electrons and Photons-3

ii. Atoms,  molecules and nuclei-4

iii. Semiconductors-3

iv. Electromagnetic waves-2

i. Rotational motion-4

ii. Elasticity-3

iii. Surface tension—4

i. Kinetic theory of gases—4

Total marks







Chapters from group I  basically  depends on principle  of  superposition  of vectors  and  uses  following  basic formula

If you look at derivations in different chapters from same group, you will find they are similar.  So prepare one derivation amongst similar and remember it, this will help you in solving other derivations by similarity and differences.  Similarly chapters from same group have formulae which are similar to each other. I have given few examples in following table for group II. If you understand basic quantities from each chapter you can easily write all formulae for all the chapters. This is valid from very basic formulae to advance formulae.

 If you are not well prepared then chose only first two groups and study them well. You should be able to solve any problem or should be able to answer any question from these chapters. You will certainly score well because it carries 43 marks. If you add your practical score to this score you will easily cross 60 marks in Physics.

Though paper pattern has changed syllabus is same and every chapter have few important points and questions would be certainly focusing those points. If you understand those points you can also focus on those topics and study them well for getting good score in your exam. But you need to do few chapters completely and then you should focus on regularly asked topics from remaining chapters.

I hope these ideas will help you in your exam preparation.


The Writer is Prof. Yogesh Deshpande, he has 10 year experience of Physics teaching in various institutions.


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