RTE BACKLASH - Schools to protest against delay in reimbursement

PUBLISH DATE 28th August 2017

The Independent English Schools Association (IESA) has organized a day-long protest on Monday against the state education department.

They will protest against various issues ranging from admissions under the right to education (RTE) act to concession in stamp duty to education institutions.

Members of IESA have decided to stage a dharna outside the directorate of primary education at the Central Building from 10.30am to 4.30pm on Monday , the president of the association, Jagruti Dharmadhikari, said.

Dharmadhikari added, “We have demanded immediate reimbursement of fees against admissions conducted under 25% quota of the RTE act from the state government. We have also asked that the fees of vacant seats be reimbursed or else the schools should be allowed to admit other students.“

Apart from demands pertaining to student intake under the RTE act, IESA also said that the stamp duty for buying land for schools should be cancelled. “Currently , we are paying stamp duty as per commercial rates. In cities, we require half an acre of land to get app rovals for school projects. This is a huge space and the cost of even a square kilometre is high. For instance, if the cost of land is Rs 70 Lakh, then we have to pay 9% as stamp duty .The government must cancel it or reduce it,“ the vice president of IESA, Rajendra Dayma, said.

The protesters are also demanding that regular students who default on the scho ol fee should be allowed to be shifted to the nearest government school. “At the time of admission, the parents know what the fee is. We are not forcing anybody to join. If students do not pay the fees at all and create unnecessary trouble, we need permission to shift them to a nearby government school,“ Dayma said. However, he added that the organization does not support any school which fails to follow the fee regulation act.

Next year, Std X books will be changed and the IESA wants the revised books to be available in the market by December 2017. “This year the Std IX books were changed and it was available only after June. Such an incident should not happen for Std X books.They should be made available by December so that teachers can also get time to prepare,“ Dayma said.