Pune varsity turns solar power on for 111 colleges

PUBLISH DATE 14th August 2017

Having received the funding, colleges affiliated to the Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) are now taking a big step towards ecofriendly self-sufficiency - producing their own electricity through solar power.

Dr Shrirang Bathe, deputy registrar of SPPU and head of QIP, said, “The project funding for 228 out of a total of 868affiliated colleges under SPPU, had been sanctioned last year. These colleges had proposed to either install solar units or expand existing panels.”

Out of these 228 colleges, funding now has been given to 111. “A total amount of almost ₹11 crore has now been sanctioned to these colleges for the solar power project,” he added, “₹5 lakh to each.” This funding has been given under the Quality Improvement Programme (QIP). In addition to this, colleges themselves will also have to invest ₹1.5 lakh for the project. Colleges are now equipped to install a 10 kilowatt-capacity solar power installation, which will produce enough electricity for their own consumption.

Dr Bathe said, “The idea behind this move is to encourage the colleges to go green in a sustainable and cost-effective manner. Once we received the proposals our energy studies department then visited the sites to survey and prepare a feasibility report to specify which systems should be installed, how much energy can be produced and whether the project would eventually be feasible for the colleges.”

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